Leica T 701 camera website is now live


Update: The Leica T is now officially announced. Pricing and pre-order options can be found here.

The official website for the new Leica T camera is now live at http://www.s.leica-camera.com/Photography/T-System/The-Leica-T-Story (update: the site is now down but you can access the cached version here):

"A large APS-C sensor with 16.5 megapixels ensures colour fidelity, the finest details and pictures with exceptional brightness and clarity, even in unfavourable lighting conditions. And even on large-format screens. And for pin-sharp videos in full HD resolution. Top performance at the press of a button. Fast, precise and almost silent autofocus. Exactly like the newly developed image processor, which instantaneously displays the results on the big touchscreen display.

The integrated Wi-Fi module lets you transfer pictures directly from your Leica T to a smartphone, tablet PCs or computer. With the ease of wireless communication. You can also share your pictures quickly and easily on social media or by email with the Leica T app for iOS or the Browser Gallery on Android devices. Particularly practical: With the remote function of the Leica T app, you can, for example, use your smartphone or tablet PC as an electronic viewfinder and shoot with your Leica T by remote control."

The Leica T has a 3.7" LCD touchscreen (no buttons on the back) and 16GB built-in memory.

Additional images:

Leica-T-Lenses-Cross-Category-Teaser_teaser-307x205 Leica-T-USP-Design-Mehr-als-gut-in-Form_teaser-307x205
Leica-T-Typ-701-,-black-anodized-Order-no.-18180_teaser-307x205 LEICA-T-Typ-701-,-silver-anodized-Order-no.-18181_teaser-307x205
The new rotating/pivoting strap design I mentioned earlier:
LEICA-T-DETAILS-SPEICHERPLATZ-INKLUSIVE_teaser-480x320Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-cameraLeica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-backLeica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-with-23mm-lens Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-with-18-56mm-lens Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-accessories Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-black Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-LCD-screen

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  • gabriel.s

    I don’t understand that “micro site momentarily live” thing to leak info about a new product. It’s frequent, many companies are doing it, so it’s not a mistake but a marketing gimmick. A couple of hours/days later the micro-site goes live and the real specs show up with no surprises. If I were them, I would leak false specs beforehand saving the real – and much better – specs for the actual announcement. Now that would be a real marketing gimmick!

  • George

    How can people write off the camera without having tried it or read a detailed review from a reliable reviewer? That’s just shitting-in-your-pants level stupid. What i would be interested to know is how easy it is to focus on the fly with manual lenses. I use the Sony NEX-7 (this looks very similar to the NEX line up) with a voigtlander lens with adapter and i don’t find focusing quick and easy, even with the peak focusing function. I know it takes practise bit you’re shooting at f1.4 focusing mistakes are easy.

    • Scarla

      If you can’t get clues from the design, that’s quite worrying.

  • Pantechnicon

    They are late….

  • Roelv1

    Not really a camera for professionals. That would be a M with fast AF.

  • Duke

    Mark what features would a “Baby M” have that you would find it an acceptable addition to the Leica line up, That would make sense for them to make that wouldn’t take away from their M sales? The M is already an amazing performing camera with its back to basics approach im not sure what more Leica could omit to make a camera that would be a viable option for them. And if your really just talking about a cheaper M Leica already tried that with the M-E.

    • Origamy

      Not to mention, once bitten twice shy, after the CL stole away sales from the M5, making Leica stop producing M’s altogether. If it weren’t for the plucky Walter Kluck, the M would have stayed dead. I guess some people wouldn’t mind that happening again.

  • Xray

    you waste your time guys, this camera Leica T, is not a Leica, the Leica cameras true, I mean a made ​​in germany, always carry written Made in Germany, this is a panasonic or fuji, makeup

  • Leica Lover

    Hi all,

    I’m selling the Leica T body plus Vario-Elmar-T 1:3.5-5.6 / 18-56mm ASPH lens plus Leica Summicron-T 1:2 / 23mm ASPH lens and Leica Visoflex viewfinderon eBay as a bundle, brand new and mint condition, never used.

    If interested, please see it here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321409112942?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649

    Thank you!

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