Leica T camera pre-order options

Leica T type 701 camera 6
B&H just started taking pre-orders for the new Leica T camera. Here is an updated list of pre-order options:

Shipping will start on May 26th, 2014.

Check back here later for more pre-order links.


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  • Origamy

    $1850 for the body only? That is quite an attractive price. I thought it was supposed to be somewhere between the X and the M. Still has space for a V(ario) body, then?

    • tim

      At least for the german pricing the body + zoom is about 500 more than the X-Vario (at its new reduced price, prior to that the price is almost identical). As far as Leica goes that seems reasonable. From what I read over at SH it seems the price for the adapter and EVF have been reduced before the release as they got feedback that it was too much.

      The lenses are not cheap, its a big ask, I get the feeling this is priced at the limit of what the market can sustain (esp when you add the EVF and adapter). With the pre-release pricing …. nice but don’t think so. With todays pricing its definitely interesting.

      I think they will sell more than a few, the photos over at SH look good.

      • Origamy

        What is SH? I’d like to look at the photos.

        • tim
          • Pantechnicon

            I like Mr. Huff very much, but he does have a habit of calling his readers ‘friends’, which I find a bit needy. Huge experience, self confessed Leica fanboy. The thinking man’s Ken Rockwell….

          • bibiji
          • holali

            oh boy, oh boy…. what a nut case!

          • Pantechnicon

            Poor chap has obviously been going through a tough patch…

            Is this video shot on Leica?

          • PeachyPeach
          • anon111


          • Pantechnicon

            Oh dear.

          • Pantechnicon

            Oh dear.

          • JCM

            Wow. I had no idea. I though maybe it was another Steve Huff but it’s him. How can one trust camera reviews from someone who thinks noises on an FM radio are spirits communicating with them?

          • Origamy

            Whoah. The same Steve Huff? Dem.

          • piner

            I always knew there was something wrong with that guy.

          • Simon

            Rockwell is the biggest and dumbest douche in the universe so that’s not hard!

          • Pantechnicon

            I believe that phrase is Mr. R’s copyright: every time you use it, you are obliged to pay him $1. But that makes you ‘family’, so it’s not all bad news.

          • tim

            yes, but the pictures look nice, right?


        • tim

          steve huff

  • ck_dexter_haven

    Here we go again….. White gloves. Now, it’s the red dot. Leica’s priorities are very well-illustrated in these marketing dept. releases. I can’t imagine any other company putting so much emphasis on ‘how to handle the object,’ or ‘this is how we apply our logo.’

    • Origamy

      Well, this camera is designed by Audi. The Leica M is not. What does that say to you about their market segments?

    • Pantechnicon

      The marketing is sending lots of Apple association, comparatively little Audi. Both of these brand associations seem odd: Apple manufacture via offshore contractors, using cheap materials and nice design to give a 3 year max product life. Audi just polishes Volkswagen tech so that Salesmen can feel like their lives have meaning. Neither of them is a good fit for Leica, save that they are both profitable.

      And Herr Kaufmann’s impression of the late Mr. Jobs is somewhat unconvincing.

      The product itself is interesting. But that silicone ‘ t- flap’ cover, brought to you in association with Audi, is laughable.

      • Ronan

        Apple products shelf life span is less than 1 year, not 3 years.

        • Pantechnicon

          I stand corrected, ‘my bad’, as they say in the colonies.

      • guest

        I have read in print somewhere that, at Steve’s Jobs’s wedding, Larry Ellison was taking photographs with an M3.
        Can’t give a source but it was in print so it must be true, right?

        • Pantechnicon

          Tweet him and ask: I understand he is quite the prolific communicator?

  • fjfjjj

    I hear the Chinese robot-fabricated fiberglass circuit board in this camera is top notch.

    • M7 user

      “Chinese robot-fabricated..”

      Have anything useful to add other than borderline racism? Do you not own anything that is made in China?

      • Pantechnicon

        How is this different to Kaufmann champing about German perfection in the launch video?

        • M7 User

          Dear Pant Echnicon…

          Speaking of one’s own good is in poor taste at worst. The op was being offensive to others based on nationality or race.

          Yours truly,
          M7 User

          • fjfjjj

            Yes, having a negative opinion about the quality of Chinese circuit boards was extremely racist of me.

          • admit it

            When did “borderline racism” turn in to “extreme racism”?

            If a negative generalization of a group of people based on their race isn’t racist then what is?

          • fjfjjj

            Also: American cars are crap.

          • Origamy

            You’re so cute.

          • dave

            Not necessarily racist, but it’s just plain ignorant to make such a comment in 2014. That might have been true 20 years ago, but today, the best Chinese electronics can rival anything made in Japan or the west and they can do so at a fraction of the price and production time.

          • Pantechnicon

            I re-read the OP. I suspect the good people of China were not offended at that point.

            Enjoy your M7. And your Laserdisc collection.

      • Dan

        He’s a well known troll claiming to be an expert but has nothing to show. Go figure. Just don’t waste time feeding him.

    • Ade

      Probably better than any german made circuit board.

  • Origamy

    Good news! On Steve Huff’s website the T seems to do very well with the 21mm M lens. So there you go: the first ever mirrorless to do well with wide angle M lens. That’s one reason for being, I have to concede (even though I still still still wish they had used an X Vario body instead).

    • scylos

      The Ricoh did as well some 2 years ago. But it didnt have a red dot I suppose. Dont give me wrong, I got Leicas both digital and film alongside 4-5 lenses, but lets not invent reasons to buy this one.

      It is a nice product, but not appealing to the core of Leica users & fans. Its more of a mainstream product.

      Fuji and the M240 are safe it appears.

      • Ronan

        Yupp and mainstream users are too busy laughing and buying Fujifilm and Olympus camera’s for less.

        I wonder who is going to bite to buy this Leica T camera…

        • Mark James Luzzi

          Olympus OMD EM1.Better looking,less than half the cost,more features,weather sealed.Just add a RED DOT and the Leica fools will go gaga over it.I guarantee most of this camera is made by Panasonic in ASIA,assembled by Leica,in a Leica designed body.Add the Leica high price.I guess Leica learned how to rebadge.

          • Origamy

            The “Leica fools” will go gaga over it? Yet the above commenter, who actually owns Leica cameras with 4-5 lenses, just said that it’s not appealing to the core of Leica users and fans.

            If you wanted a Leica, just go and buy one already. Maybe that will cure your problem.

      • Origamy

        I had the GXR and tested it against the Canon EOS-M. The GXR did not do 21mm or 15mm Heliars well at all. Magenta cast in the edges. Try it and see.

        • scylos

          You picked the two lenses that dont work well on anything.

          The newer leica 21s that Steve Huff tried on the T have not the rear elements close to the sensor, not ala Skopar/Angulon anyway.

          • Origamy

            Don’t work well on anything? It works darned well on my film M. Also on a friend’s M9. You might want to amend that statement.

          • Scylos

            On film, of course they work, that’s what they were made for!

            On an m9, I had to code it to work.

            Just like Steve’s ASPH, 6 bit coding which presumably work with the T adapter.

            Code it as 21 preasph.

            Like arguing with a brick wall tbh.

          • Origamy

            I’m feeling the same way. Have you used them on the GXR, or not? Or any M lenses wider than 28mm on the GXR? I have. Have you?

  • Pantechnicon

    When I read ‘pre order options’, I thought for a moment that you may be able to have it :

    * with thunderbolt instead of, er, USB2
    * engraved with Hello kitty, to beat the rush
    * polished by robot, so a human in white gloves doesn’t have to ingest aluminium particles
    * an endangered species leather panel applied to the front
    * 32 gb of internal memory for only another $100
    Etc, etc

    I am a bit disappointed that I was mistaken.

    • Kynikos

      I’m a poseur who buys Leica as a fashion accessory. I’m totally down with lesser humans digesting aluminum. And if endangered species don’t like their lot, well I guess they should have evolved with opposable thumbs.

  • The photo shows the $1400 move!

    Actually, I’m sure the overall feel and durability is far superior to the NEX3, which is surprisingly hefty but fragile-feeling. I suppose I would have seriously considered the T if I hadn’t committed to a different system.

  • Wait a minute… No R adapter?

  • Mikko Moilanen

    Thank you Leica for this – the camera line-up is complete. Now there is no need to buy a camera from lesser brands 😀

  • Rory

    all i could think of

  • So, while still very expensive, not quite as bad as anticipated. The “basic kit” would be $3600 US. That’s almost $1000 less than anticipated.

  • Gryphon

    Some comments make me laugh. People will make offence and negative comments without even seeing the product. A year ago I went to shoot a M9. Magnificent camera. For what I wanted the price was nuts, the glass was very pricy but stunning. But I gotta tell you it’s a great product. Today I went to see the new T. I am not able to comment on the sensor or the raw files, it ain’t cheap for what you getting, but it is such a compelling, elegant and interesting camera, you can’t but help want one once you get it in your hands…. No do I need one? Just so no one jumps to any conclusions, I own no Leica products.

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