New version of the Leica 35mm f/2.0 Summicron M lens leaked in press photo?


I came across this tweet earlier today referring to one of the Leica T press photos (above) that contains a new/not-yet-released 35mm f/2.0 Summicron M lens:


For comparison, here is a picture of the current Leica 35mm f/2.0 Summicron M Asph lens:


Even the 28mm M lens of the left looks different than the current 28mm Elmarit or Summicron versions (update: it's an older model). A while back Leica introduced a new 28mm limited edition Summicron M lens with a new hood design, but the lens never made it to mass production.

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  • RobertJRB

    The 28 in the picture is the older v4 28mm elmarit.
    The 21 sem in the picture is the older Pre fix version.
    The 35 indeed looks new, also good looking 🙂

    • That could be – I have the newer Elmarit which is much smaller.

  • binotto

    That would be really interesting – a 35 to match the APO 50? (And without the focus shift of the present Summicron.)

    • Fetuccini

      at f2, dof is deeper than the shift in the current summicron. if your 35 summicron asph has a obvious shift, i would suggest send your lens to Leica for service.

  • Maya

    Couldn’t it simply be the current 35mm cron with some sort of plastic ring on the hood thread ?

    • Aj

      good observation id say…

    • maar

      You got it. It’s the latest accessory: the plastic “Beauty Ring”, Made in Germany, that goes for only $99.

  • Satureyes

    That 21mm though – is that a new Summarit? Looks like it’s a 2.5? Or an older 21mm?

    • Jeffrey Horton

      The 21 is the current version without the hood. The 2.5 is a distance marking, the aperture is further to the right. I just verified with my 21 f/3.4

      • guest

        My 21 SEM is current and there’s a shoulder just behind the focusing ring
        If yours has no shoulder it is the initial model that was recalled, due to binding, almost immediately upon release. Exact same optics. You might have a collectible on your hands. 🙂

        But…I just checked Leica’s site and its 21 is no-shoulder! Looks like there *are* some surprises ahead!

  • padam

    The helicoid is also blackened out like the newer lenses.

    Could just be a cosmetic refresh with a 46mm filter thread, otherwise it would not remain at the exact same size.

  • Mistral75

    The 28 mm in the pciture is the Elmarit-M sold from 1992 to 2006.

    The lens on the right is the Super-Elmar-M 21mm f/3.4.

    The 35mm in the centre looks very much like the current Summicron-M Asph. but for the front part with the filter thread: new lens or current one with an E39 –> E46 adapter?

  • Anders

    I’m wondering what kind of hood the lens would have.
    There dosen’t seem to be any threads or any other mechanism for the hood to attach.

    • Tianhe

      I wonder if this could be the same lens as the current 35 cron, but with an updated screw-in hood like that of the Summarit 35 or Summilux 35. These two lenses both come with a protective ring you can screw onto the lens hood threads when not using the hood, which is what the lens in question appears to have installed.

      • Origamy

        Yes. A bit fiddly, that system. I have it on my 75mm Summarit. Easy to lose the little retaining ring if you’re not careful. I don’t like the (older) twist and snap hood for my 35mm Summilux, either, though. I think a simple hood that you screw in (and therefore works with other lenses of similar filter size) would be nice.

  • Arif Tjioe

    Why new lens have to grow bigger…

    • Origamy

      Because digital sensors at current technology demands it.

  • OneCut

    So what’s that 2nd 35mm to the right of this one. Seems different with a shorter helicoid….

  • Adam

    I’m pretty sure it’s a cosmetic refresh, changing out the old style hoods in favour of the 21SEM and 35FLE hood type.

  • Photoberger Håkon Berger

    Im new to the Leica. Have a 90 mm f.2,0 Summicron.Im gonna get me a 50 mm f.2,0 Summicron. But i am confused. Which is the best between the 35 mm f.2,0 Summicron, and the 28 mm f.2,0 Summicron. Because i am gonna get me a 50 mm, then i mabe moonlanding on the 28 mm. Because 7 mm between the 28, and the 35 is not much.
    But does these 2 lenses come as an upgrade. The camera im gonna be using is a Sony Alpha 7 mk II

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