Leica to launch a new cloud service for photographers at Photokina

This Leica rumor is coming from a recent article published on the French website 01net.com. Leica is reportedly working on a cloud storage solution for photographers that will be officially unveiled at Photokina:

A cloud for photographers

Another area of ​​innovation which the company thinks about is the photos themselves, i.e. the files. "I’m sure you all here have memory cards, hard drives, online backups Dropbox type, and more. But for now it seems to us that all these services are not adapted to the very specific needs of photographers." To say that Leica will launch cloud services, there is a step that Mr. Kaufmann does not cross : "One thing is for sure, we will not enter this field without a partner. We are a small business and this is not our core business. But we think about it and we'll tell you more at Photokina."

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  • Neopulse

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • Kynikos

    I can’t wait for the hour-long video where they perch someone high in the sky to hand-fluff the cloud.

  • Carlos

    sounds like the’re looking into an iCloud entry with Apple, or at least a Revell-based setup with Adobe’s Creative Cloud. No worry it’ll not be the same crap as Nikon is offering.

  • One More Thought

    Thank goodness Leica won’t be doing their own cloud, only partnering with someone (if they do anything at all).

    However, at a certain point, the market for “clouds” become oversaturated; it almost feels that way now. And what more can one do to improve a cloud based storage solution, like Dropbox? It’s really a matter only of storage and pricing. The rest is a simple interface to upload/download files.

    Perhaps we’ll see a cloud float by with a red dot 🙂

    • Maybe they will offer it for free with every M camera, just like Lightroom.

  • Carlo

    More interesting is the first part of the interview where is says that Leica will develop a camera where the captor screen and electronic can be exchange however the case is still the same. Some sort of hardware update to be still on the run. I like the idea, if the concept of durability that is behind (especially with cameras that cost 3 to 4 times the cost of a camera made in japan).

  • Lufkin

    Don’t see the point in offering a Leica badged “cloud storage” if they’re going to partner with an existing cloud vendor. Would you be willing to pay a premium for for example Dropbox (where the site and icon has only been replaced with Leica branding)?

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