Photokina 2012: the Zeiss ZM “special surprise” lens that never happened

Zeiss ZM rangefinder camera lenses for Leica M mount
Back in 2012 Zeiss promised at least one new "special surprise" fast ZM lens (for Leica M mount) for 2013 that never materialized, unless I am missing something (see full press release). Maybe they will come around to release this special new lens during the 2014 Photokina show - they already have a new teaser going on.

Zeiss discontinued their Ikon rangefinder camera back in 2012 (both black and silver versions) - not sure if that has impacted their future ZM plans.

See the updated Photokina 2014 rumors/rumors/expectations roundup.

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  • fiatlux

    Maybe they figured out the Otus would be too big a surprise in ZM mount and went for ZF/ZE mounts instead?

  • neonart

    A proper 50/1.4 with .7 close focus and Planar optical quality would be something else. Like a Lux for less than $4000.
    I love the C Sonnar, but it’s not an every day lens.

  • Henry

    We need a full frame Zeiss Ikon Digital……..

  • padam
  • AMJ

    I hope it is a sonnar design 50 f1.
    Then all the other fast lenses can suck sugar !

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