A new Zeiss Distagon 35/1.4 ZM lens (Leica M mount) to be announced for Photokina

As previously reported, I was expecting a new ZM lens from Zeiss to be announced at Photokina. I received some information today that this lens will be a new Distagon 35/1.4 ZM. This will be a nice addition to the already existing Zeiss Biogon 35/2 and 35/2.8 versions.

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  • NoMeJodas

    Ok I was hoping for a UWA refresh or Tele, but 35/1.4 is also very welcome.

  • John Frye

    35 1.4 ? yes please!

  • Heiko Bertram


  • Carlos

    Awaiting a series of new generation ZM.2 lenses, I.e. 50/1.2, 21/2, 85/2, 135/2. Most of the current portfolio is film-based developed in the 90s or before.

    • RobertJRB

      Euhm, why ask for a 135mm as there are no framelines for such a lens?

      I would love to see a new 21/4.5 which work properly with digital camera’s.
      35/1.4 would be nice as well though.

      • booh

        All standard production M cameras, other than the M2, have the 135 frame line (for the 0.72x ones, comes inside the 35mm frame line).

    • booh

      Why, I guess you are aware that the ZM series was announced in 2004?

      Given Cosina’s timeline, I believe the Zeiss-Cosina venue could not have started earlier than 2000. So the lenses are pretty new, and could only be improved marginally, especially those with classic designs (6/4 Planar, 6/4 Sonnar).

      Also, unlike the SLR world, huge lenses are against the “philosophy” in the Leica land. Otherwise we won’t need anything else other than a CV35/1.2.

  • MJr

    That would be more than nice, and probably means there would be a 35/1.4 LOXIA as well at some point.

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