Leica M Edition 60 camera entry appears briefly on Leica’s German website

For a short time, the official Leica website in Germany had a listing for a new "Leica M Edition 60" camera that I mentioned in my post yesterday. It seems that the no-LCD digital M is real and is going to be announced next week at Photokina. The Leica M-A camera that will replace the current MP film camera (the M-A was already announced few months ago). The M-A will have few updates to the design, better glass quality and will include the rewind crank. Stay tuned for additional details.

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  • kinoptik

    Leica M-A, the M-A in steel, without light meter, that we saw at the 100 years festival in Wetzlar? Or another?

  • kinoptik

    Maybe it will not replace the MP, but will be a totally mechanical version without light meter like the previous M-A. Strange indeed that it bears the same name …

  • regular

    Please confirm : the Leica MP (2003) would be replaced by a MA, ie. the MP without a lightmeter??

  • Alaa

    Fancy that! A “no-chimping” digital-M!!! I like the concept already, and I hope it will be hand-demoed next week @ Photokina. Can’t wait X-D

  • bbpan

    How many legs and arms will the M-A cost this time?

  • guest

    In the post up above it is stated that the M-A will replace the M-P. It does not state the M-A will replace the MP. Well, which one is it going to be? Let’s proof a little bit, OK? Language uses things like this: – for a reason and (incorrect) news propagates across the internet pretty quickly remember.

  • Carlos

    So leica is going to kill M7 & MP and substituting it with an MP without a light meter? Yes love that improvement. Hope it has some plastic case in carbon fibre look, too.
    What crap idea is that?
    How about a M7-P instead? M3 lever, TTL, M7 rewind, speedomatic, small case screw instead of red logo, battery-less full manual capability, RF pre-selector., 1/4000,

    • I don’t know anything about removing the light meter, not sure where that started. I seriously doubt they will do it. Regarding the MP – yes, a refresh will trigger many new sales.

  • mikeswitz

    What the Df could have been at twice the price.

    • Kynikos

      Likely 4x the price.

  • kyoken74

    Light meter to a film camera is like an LCD to a digital camera, i.e. useful but not essential. Why are people so emotional about this? (Besides, the rumor posted above does not even claim lack of light meter…)

    • regular

      It may be non-essential with the high latitude of BW film. But a lightmeter is critical for colour film.
      If you overexpose an Ektar film, you will obtain crappy colors.
      If you overexpose a reversal film, you will get …. nothing but transparent areas.

      • kyoken74

        Hmmm… the lightmeter is a bit of a red herring here in more ways than one. My point was

        “Why are people so emotional about this?”

        The fact that I got a response about the lightmeter rather than my original point goes to confirm my suspicion that people have strong feelings about lightmeter, in a similar way to some people having strong feelings about LCD. (I wonder if someone responds to this comment about the merits of LCD for digital photography.) 🙂

        @regular, Thank you for reading my comment and responding. I understand that lightmeter is perhaps essential to you, and I will not refute it. But on the other hand, if a pinhole photographer claims that lenses are not essential to photography, I will not refute that, either.

        Everyone must decide for himself what is essential to his photography.

  • stevieg

    Why is the drop down menu in German, but the m60 description in English?

  • Camaman

    To bad it wont be any thinner. Like an M3.
    They always said it couldnt be done.

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