Difference between the new Leica X Typ 113 and X-E cameras, new firmware update for Leica T

The Leica X and X-E will most likely be two different cameras - here are some more details/updates on the X and X-E models:

  • The new Leica X Typ 113 camera is rumored to have a faster 24mm f/1.7 lens (35mm equivalent) with some of the feature present in the X Vario model
  • The new Leica X-E will have a 16MP sensor, 2.7" display and Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH lens (35mm equivalent)

The Leica T camera will get a new firmware update with auto ISO mode when using M lenses.

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  • garyabq

    The only way the X Vario could use M lenses is if you were somehow able to remove the FIXED lens in front. If the XV were updated with a removable lens, then it would essentially be the same as the T.

  • Ironymous

    “The new Leica X-E will have a 16MP sensor, 2.7″ display and Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH lens”

    Do you mean 24mm equivalent? Or 24 x 1.5 = the same 36mm as before? If it’s going to be the first wide angle X camera, I would be very, very interested. But only if it came with a non-retractable lens. If Fuji can do with it with the X100 variants, I don’t see what is holding Leica up.

  • Pantechnicon

    I’m imagining the X113 as a CCD sensored, classically styled product with manual controls, no claimed design input from anyone but themselves, and no red dot. Bracing for disappointment in 3…2….1

  • CRB

    sensor the same on both? any hope for fast AF? thanks

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Integrated viewfinders please!

  • Mike Kawasaki

    Can we prezume new Leica with faster lenz will be a fixed lenz camera with a manual focusing ring (something like X100), and X-E with slower lenz will be of retracting type.

  • Pantechnicon

    Safe to assume the X113 will be a re-bodied Panasonic LX100? Not much to gripe about if this is the case, the LX100 looks exceptional.

    Wonder what it will do to T sales?

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