List of new Leica Summarit M lenses to be announced at Photokina

Here is another list of Products Leica will announce at Photokina next week, including the new Summarit  M lenses:

  • Leica M Edition 60
  • Leica MA
  • Leica X (Typ 113)
  • Leica XE
  • Leica D-Lux (Typ 109)
  • Leica V-Lux (Typ 114)
  • Leica Summarit-M 35 mm f / 2.4 ASPH
  • Leica Summarit-M 50 mm f / 2.4
  • Leica Summarit-M 75 mm f / 2.4
  • Leica Summarit-M 90 mm f / 2.4

There could be few other Leica camera/lenses that are missing from this list (see here and here for more info).

Via Digicame-info

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  • Obvious Troll

    Wow, what’s next Leica? Summarit-M f/2.3 x4?

    • a gast

      35mm APO Summicron

  • Srk

    Any idea on how much the new 35mm asph summarit cost?

  • Ironymous

    I wonder why there’s still no 28mm or 24mm Summarit. The 28mm Elmarit is becoming the odd duck of Leica’s new range.

    • Les

      The 2.8/28 Elmarit is a great lens, and within a fraction of a stop of a hypothetical 2.4/28. I’m sure they will replace the 28 eventually, but there’s no compelling reason to want a replacement as a photographer. Of course, a new 28 would make the current 28 temporarily cheaper on the used market, until people realize how good the old one was.

  • El Aura

    What happened to the Leica S?

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