New Leica “100” promo video


Leica Gallery São Paulo published another promo video called Leica "100" in which they recreated some of the most popular photographs taken in the last century. The video is produced by the same agency (FNazca / Saatchi & Saatchi) that created the award winning "Soul" video last year.

Updated - the original video was removed from YoutTube - here is another link:

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  • mikeswitz

    Holy Crap!, that has got to be the most incredible camera manufacturer production of all time. Doesn’t mean I’ll buy a Leica, but I mean , seesh. Anybody know who the Director/DP is?

    • Paolo Ronner

      Yes, it is not everyday that we see such an amazing piece like this… Congratulations to Leica!

  • saywhatuwill

    I recognized the majority of the photos they depicted except the last one with the man holding the rifle.

    • garygraphy

      Think Capa

      • saywhatuwill

        Ah! Thank you! Spanish Civil War.

  • Ferguison

    Surprisely amazing!
    A real piece of art.
    A must see if you are into photography.

  • Juanita

    Estupendo! Increible! Maravilloso!

  • DaveG

    Very clever advert, but misleading as they are implying that all those iconic moments were captured with leica Cameras which they were not, Hassleblad went to the moon, others were Rolleiflex images and various others, I just think it;s cheeky of them to run the slogan ‘celebrating 100 years of Leica photography’ when a lot of the images were not shot with a Leica camera. Great film though & done very well

    • Alex

      You clearly didn’t pay attention. It says “Of course you could say:

      “Hey, not all of these pictures were taken with a Leica.”

      But let me gently disagree with you.

      Leica took the camera to the studio and brought to life.”

      “Even those that were not taken with a Leica,

      were only taken because of a Leica.”

      • fjfjjj

        Poppycock and balderdash.

      • ck_dexter_haven

        “Even those that were not taken with a Leica,

        were only taken because of a Leica.”

        And, that, is absolutely ridiculous. They actually claim that ‘non-studio’ photography should all be credited to the advent of the Leica. They can’t seriously be asking us to forget all of the work that was done by people like August Sander, Margaret Bourke-White, Edward S. Curtis, Weegee, Martin Muncacsi, et al — all with large, cumbersome cameras…. Out of the studio…. Depicting action, ‘real life,’ “decisive moments.” Leica pioneered the miniaturization. Something that would have come along anyway. This is like Samsung claiming credit for the iPhone 6. Samsung stole all of Apple’s designs, made it larger, and now acts like they’ve actually designed/developed something….

        Laughable, if it weren’t so pathetic. I guess this is how you market to today’s younger generation, the kids without any sense of historical context.

        Boo, Leica. You were once (much) better than this. Once.

  • Tim

    Anyone know who the narrator is?

  • aly666

    I’m sorry but this is really cheesy and poor taste, even aside from the explicit and belabored claiming of non-Leica photos.

    • Paolo Ronner

      Why haven’t they hired you?! kkkkk

      • aly666

        They did consult me and I told them to remove the video. Now it’s gone. Thank god for you and kkk.

  • Bill

    film is nice. but nice try. leica invent photography…that was big BS

    • Carla

      Do you know the Leica story? Leica invented the first film camera, it took the camera out of studio and brought to life.

  • Mister Cookie

    Fantastic! It gave me goose bumps!

  • Eric Lau

    wow… great spot! I love how it reassemble a lot of the best photo in the history. It is really a joy to watch, especially for a photography fan like me! Love it!

  • Pantechnicon

    Anyone care to post a live link to this?

    • I embedded a new video, just refresh your post.

  • saywhatuwill
  • Maximilian

    I like the narrative and the stage design that takes you through the pictures. Clever way of connecting single, independent photographs to become a movie. It’s a quite ambitious subject. I’m a big fan of photography myself, recognised many iconic scenes, though not all of them.

  • fjfjjj

    Dropped from the original ad copy: “You might say that, 100 years later, most of the world’s most important documentary photographers aren’t using a Leica. But I would say you’re wrong. Announcing the Leica 100 Year Anniversary Nanoceramic Edition M. It won’t be used to take a single photograph. It will simply take all of them.”

  • Sam Garcia

    wow–where you guys see ‘art’ I see wild misrepresentation run amok.
    (nor, by the way, do i think the ‘recreations’ are particularly accurate nor insightful)
    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, cheat. For shame, Leitz…

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