Leica Q hands-on field test by The Camera Store

Another review worth mentioning online - Leica Q hands-on field test by The Camera Store, including comparisons to the Type 240 and Sony A7II cameras:

More Leica Q reviews can be found here.

The Leica Q is still not available in stores, check our pre-order options.

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  • MJr

    So it is a Panasonic, Leica just has an exclusive contract to produce it.

    Basically ..

    Not that i have a problem with that !

    • I am sure Panasonic played a big role in the development of the Q like we mentioned in our review: https://leicarumors.com/2015/06/10/the-leica-q-typ-116-review-the-future-of-german-camera-engineering.aspx/
      How much we will never know.

      • MJr

        Well never say never, i think it could be fun looking back at this in 50 years, assuming we’ll be around, it seems like some sort of milestone to me at least. Good or bad, who knows how we’ll remember it. “To think that we actually thought that the Q …” or “It went unnoticed at first to the average photog at the time, but …” Which will it be !?

    • Les

      By that logic, the Leica S is also a Panasonic, and the next M will be as well.
      … and every Nikon is a Sony, as is every Pentax!
      … and almost every car is a Bosch…
      … and so on

      • MJr

        Cool story Les. This is obviously more than just a sensor. Too much ‘expertise’ in here that they seemingly pulled out of thin air. It is clear that they had help, beyond just adding a few components.

        • Les

          I forgot: Leica’s image processing chip is made by Fujitsu, so a Leica is really a Fuji.

          These issues have always come-up in the photo business. There are two or three companies that make shutters, or make glass, or make sensors.

          I remember when the Contax 645 and Mamiya AF came out. Someone claimed that Mamiya was machining lens barrels for Contax. That led to a lot of faulty reasoning!

          • MJr

            But it’s not an issue.

          • ” Leica’s image processing chip is made by Fujitsu, so a Leica is really a Fuji.” /quote

            Per wikipedia.En Fujitsu is the second oldest IT company after IBM, established on June 20, 1935, under the name Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing, as a spinoff of the Fuji Electric Company, itself a joint venture between the Furukawa Electric Company and the German conglomerate Siemens which had been founded in 1923.

            As for companys name Fuji, (no suffix) there is bicycle company Fuji, TV company, a bank, and franchise of soaplands owned by yakuza

            So, no not a Fuji (assuming you are referring to the Leica as a FujiFilm camera chipset) Leica has no connection with FujiFilm

          • Les

            Evidently sarcasm doesn’t always come across on the web.
            My point was that all cameras use third-party components and suppliers.

  • sperdynamite

    I would love to see an LX version of this camera at Photokina! Then us regular folks can play too! If Leica is gonna work with better electronic’s brands this is a smart way to release cameras. Give Leica a 6 month head start, followed by the Panasonic branded version later. I don’t know if Pany has the guts to put out a camera without an Ai mode though, ugh.

  • a-traveler

    The Camera Store reviews have become much better over the years. Having said that, they still cater to to the Lowest Common Denominator crowd.

    The Germans do mechanical very well. Japan specializes in electronics. So I see no problem with the Panasonic connection.

    BTW I’m glad to see that Leica didn’t copy Fuji’s hokey-hybrid-viewfinder!

    • I agree, I also like The Camera Store reviews.

    • MJr

      Hokey HVF!? Oh man, if the M had such an electronic overlay around its rangefinder, and switch to full EVF doing away with that horrible hump on top. It would sell like hot cakes ! But … the rangefinder is in the way, though i’m sure the display could just be transparent, in fact the Fuji X20 already has one of those !

  • Will someone please buy this for me? =P

    • sickheadache

      Mikee…put a ring on my man size’d fingers…that camera is yours! lol… I feel a sick headache coming on. I need to lie down.

  • I decided in the end not to get a Q. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of a fixed 28mm lens and lack of weather sealing.

    Soooo close though.

    Maybe there is hope for another version with a 35mm, weather sealing and if all my dreams came true, use of brass on the top place and bottom…thing.

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