Leica Q3 camera concept design

Check out this Leica camera concept design from tolgatuncerlab.com:

  • Big and sharp 4.4 MP EVF unit with magnification ratio of 0.77x
  • Fixed Summilux Lens with 23mm & 35mm focal length switch.
  • Fixed touchscreen unit.
  • Aluminum rotary knob on top-left to change the ISO and shutter speed settings.
  • Dedicated Exposure compensation dial [ +3 , -3 ] on the top-left.
  • APS-C
  • Satin matt aluminum body finish
  • Width 13.5 cm
  • Height 8.30 cm [EVF - bottom]
  • Thickness 6.7cm [EVF - Lens]

Additional images:


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  • Neopulse

    Very space age style 1950s. And that EVF I’m dying to try out one day.

  • johnny

    The body design is barely acceptable, but the lens…@#$%

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    …because ergonomics are for losers?

  • Great a camera designed by someone who doesn’t use cameras. It’s like the afterbirth of Marc Newsom and Jony Ive’s Leica concept.

  • Narretz

    Why is it a Leica? Nothing in the design says Leica.

    • CHD

      The only thing Leica is the red dot.

  • EJPB

    A camera is made for taking pictures. Not for beaming up people.

  • Cinq1

    Pretty ugly

  • CHD


  • Chito

    It’s a horrible design… Seems like it’s meant to be held point and shoot style…. Exposure compensation on the left?? conical lens?? You’re supposed to hold the lens with your left hand.. but it’ll just slide right off with that unnecessary lens design.. And the buttons are too close to the center.. that shutter button looks hard to reach.. This wasn’t designed by somebody who uses cameras.

    And it looks like a Playstation Portable…

  • ThreeRing

    To whoever designed this abortion: This is why you don’t work at Leica. Not only is it hideous and lacking in ergonomics, there is a REASON that designers don’t make hemispherical knobs. They’re damn near impossible to rotate with human fingertips. And placing a shutter button on an elevated pedestal is a horrific decision. Tapering the lens housing likewise makes it impossible to steady with your hand. From one end to the other, literally every design decision in this render has been made so that it is IMPOSSIBLE for this camera to conform to design principles. Your semicircular ends make it impossible for a circuit board to fit unless it not extend to the sides, and if it doesn’t, why waste space with stupid bulk? Same for the spherical EVF shroud- impossible to fit electronics, and so it must be empty, hollow wasted space. Dear God, this is just awful crap.

  • ThreeRing

    Next up, a dildo with a triangular cross-section.

  • PhotoBear

    How does this amateurish and fugly design attempt even deserve a post on leicarumors?

  • MJr

    Wait .. this isn’t meant for diving ?

  • Cynog

    Please, Leica, do not make that camera. Seriously!

  • Yatego Svenja

    Refreshing different design !


    Great design

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