Techart Leica M lens to Sony E-mount autofocus adapter demo videos

Here are few more demo videos from the upcoming Techart adapter that will let you autofocus Leica M lenses on Sony a7 cameras (I will have more details on this adapter in early February, stay tuned):

Via Advancegearbymx (contains also few sample images)

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  • Pretty impressive. Would work well for model shoots if the focusing is accurate. I’m more interested in seeing a product that would allow M lenses to auto focus on the Leica SL though. We should suggest they make that since M lenses are sharper on the SL than any Sony A7 camera.

    • I think they can get the accuracy right, but I am not sure about the AF speed.

      • jcespite

        Since the barrel of the lens is not really moving for the focus, only the whole lens is moving in the z plane and the internals are not changing how does this show the aspect (character) of the specific Leica lens being used? With the Sony e adapter with canon lens the whole lens is being use. What am I missing here? Why would I want this?

        • Les

          I think that almost all Leica M lenses are unit-focusing (except maybe the Tri-Elmars), so it doesn’t make a difference if you move the whole lens or just the inner barrel.

          That being said, I doubt this adapter can stay parallel to within microns throughout the focusing range, especially if you use heavier lenses. The lighter Leica M lenses tend to be wides, and they don’t work well on Sony.

          It’s not impossible to build an adapter like this to Leica standards, but it would be heavy and slow to focus. It would cost Leica prices.

  • The death knell for Leica cameras. Start selling now.

    • Steve A.

      Seriously. Glad I sold my M9 two years ago and kept my M lenses.

      • jcespite

        Well I guess you never enjoyed using a rangefinder then. You should probably sell your lens less than 35mm as they don’t really work on a FF Sony.

        • Steve A.

          Who says I didn’t enjoy using a rangefinder? Once Leica can step it up and make a competitive product I’ll buy another.

    • jcespite

      You got to be kidding? No other sensor on the market can work as well as the M for wide angle lens. Did you really own an m9? The whole joy of using the M is to manual focus with a rangefinder mechanism.

      • carlo


    • Leica have survived many so-called death knells. If you seriously think people use Leica M cameras only for the glass, you are deluding yourself.

  • J.Coi

    It should have been Leica to make this first.

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