Leica rumored to announce a new line of M cinema lenses


For Photokina in September Leica is rumored to announce new line of M cinema lenses (with cine housing/gears). The first set of lenses will be all Summilux versions (f/1.4). Based on this rumor we can speculate that the next M camera will have some serious video upgrades. Expect to see more video workshops offered by Leica Akademie.

Leica already has a professional line of cinema C lenses (Summilux-C and Summicron-C).

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  • FountainHead

    My goodness who would use an M for video. I mean you can do it but it’s like using a vase to pound nails.

    “Yeah, just turn the thing on and hopefully over the next 30 minutes le moment décisif will just kind of show up.”
    –H. C.-B.

    • TomV

      I would. Back in the day M’s were rugged work horses from an era where photography was THE medium for news reportage. Now the medium is predominantly videography. I for one would embrace Leica still focusing on working professionals and not just collectors and rich kids looking for a status symbol (who are the only ones I see walking around in public with M’s now).

      • Samuel James

        I find the video image from Leica M240 to be beautiful beyond comparison. Compression, noise and stabilisation is the problem though. I believe many people would want to be able to shoot video that has the same quality as a Leica M240.

        • TomV

          Glad to hear of your positive experiences. It should be noted, though, that M lenses aren’t necessarily meant for M cameras. There’s been a resurgence of R glass recently, and there’s likely many more people using this glass on Arri, Sony, and Canon bodies than M + live view users. The popularity of M lenses too, is partly (mostly perhaps) due to the Sony / Fuji user base. M mount makes perfect sense since it is compatible with nearly every single mirrorless body without the excessive size / depth of going the SLR route.

  • Brennan McKissick

    Using an M for video is so awkward. I really wish they’d keep everything the same as the M240 except a sensor with better DR and the same megapixel count.

  • Martin Dahl

    Why would´t they – they already have the Cine series lenses in exclusive sales, why not put them out in all Leica Stores..?? That said – I´ve shooting Leica M for over 20 years, but video…that just feel awkward.

  • CHD

    Leave the SL for video….I for one could care less about video in the M line.

    • jcespite

      I agree, with you. I like the 262 but would want more dynamic range, better higher iso, same or better quiet shutter, same megapixels.

  • Joshua Smith

    This is quite interesting. I wish my M had better video. I would love to use one SL style body and one M for photo and video. The M could be a great b cam for the SL. I currently use Panasonics for video but it would be great to have one Leica system for everything.

  • Les

    This makes a lot of sense. Video lenses need to have great focus feel with no backlash or sloppiness. Leica makes a line of professional cine lenses, but they are priced like a BMW (each).

    I am not too worried that this will make the M camera less “pure.” It makes sense to use the M mount instead of the SL mount because the lenses are manual focus and have mechanical apertures. That doesn’t mean you can only use them on the M.

  • sperdynamite

    Well I think it’s a pretty dumb idea but Leica is a company that loves to execute dumb ideas *cough* T *cough*. I’m stoked to find out about the next M though. My 240 is great but it still needs to improve in a few key areas. ISO is a big one, I’d love to see 1/8000th as well. Faster wake up from sleep. The banding at high ISOs is my biggest problem though. Looks like even the Q and SL do it. I hope they have a better sensor in mind. I was spoiled by the Df sensor and now even my D750 in comparison isn’t as good.

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