Leica X Vario camera (black) listed as discontinued

Another one bites the dust: the black Leica X Vario camera is currently listed as discontinued at B&H and Yodobashi.

The silver version, which was announced after the black model, is still available and is currently selling almost at a $700 discount from the original price of $2,850 (you may find an even lower price at Amazon).

It will be interesting to see if Leica will refresh the X Vario product line at Photokina since this camera has been widely criticized for its slow Vario-Elmar 18-46mm f/3.5-6.4 lens.

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    Will go down as one of the best attached lenses of all time but will also be remembered for its teeth gritting frustration. Keeping mine for posterity and the right (bright) shooting conditions. Here’s one of the photos I took with the Vario for posterity.

  • ZMWT

    It was criticised by noobs; the camera is excellent, the lens is phenomenal. It is only physically slow in action, when it focuses one can hear and feel it — like it’s using screwdrive or something. Which makes X Typ 113 overall more responsive and silent package, with a phenomenal lens too.

  • kahudson

    The X Vario was a victim of its marketing campaign. Consumers were unwilling to see or appreciate it for it was not as the mini-M that it was hyped as.


      Yeah that was unfortunate. Maybe had it been full frame and the lens was 2.8-3.5 they could have gotten away with that but you say mini M people automatically think it will be a digital CL.

      • Mr

        Lol, just those two things huh. Is that all. The problem people had with Mini M was mainly the ‘M’ part. So your plan is to make a parody of ‘Mini’ too? Makes sense.

        • JLMILES

          I can see the X Vario really hurt your feelings. I’m sorry.

          • Mr

            I think we know who’s feelings actually got hurt .. Never even mentioned the X Vario.

          • JLMILES


    • Simon

      Exactly this. Marketing fail.

  • Brennan McKissick

    I was never a fan of this camera. Not sad in the slightest to see it go.

  • name

    I’d never sell mine..even the ooc jpgs print great. The lens is terrific, once you use one for a while you’ll never want to sell it.

  • snappyuk

    I managed to get a black one at a substantial discount (the equivalent of less than $1650 at today’s USD to GBP exchange rate) and love it. Yes, it has its frustrating aspects, but I love the pictures it produces and the feel of the thing in my hand (with the grip attached of course).
    Sadly, its relative lack of success will kill any chance of a Mark 2 version that would give Leica the opportunity to perfect the concept.

  • The X Vario is often criticised, but very rarely by people who have actually worked with it. It’s an excellent camera, that deserves a firmware update, as I argued here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4041577 Leica could learn from FujiFilm here: reward loyal customers by delivering firmware improvements even for ‘discontinued’ models. The Vario, like most Leicas, is built to last.

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