Leica T camera listed as discontinued, new model expected to be announced next month

The silver Leica T camera is already listed as discontinued at B&H (refurbished models still available) and is out of stock in many Leica retailers:

The black version is currently deeply discounted: $1099 vs. the original price of over $1,600.

A new Leica T model (with code name “8854”) is already rumored to be announced next month at Photokina.

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  • taildraggin

    Very interested in next version… 1st was close.

  • Simon

    That seems like a quick turnover.

    • It has been several years now

      • El Aura

        In September it’ll be almost 2.5 years.

  • Les

    Given Leica’s recent releases, I’m hoping for 4K, 18-20MP and a better Visoflex (EVF). Ideally, the next M, S, SL, Q and T should all accept the same accessory tiltable viewfinder (probably based on the SL’s Epson-sourced LCD).

    Those cameras have built-in electronic viewfinders/screens, but they should still offer tiltable external finders that are much more useful for video.

    I wonder if the new T will step-back a little from the touchscreen-only interface. It’s probably fine for a walking-around camera, but it’s not great when things get complicated (gloves, rain, cold, extreme heat, fast action).

  • lobotomisedjournalist

    This camera was destined to fail from the beginning, and it did. If only Leica had consulted with real photographers then maybe these APS cameras may get somewhere one day. But until then, they are all destined to fail – Leica – the camera company that thinks it knows best.

    • El Aura

      Leica, the camera company that knows that it only can succeed by not competing directly with the big Japanese brands but by offering something unique (not necessarily better, just different). In this case that was: solid aluminium body & very modern UI.

      Leica cannot offer a Sony clone at the twice the price and hope to succeed, in the same way it cannot offer a Sony clone at Sony’s price level: a) not enough R&D capacity nor money to spend to match Sony’s, meaning a less capable camera with fewer lenses, b) not enough sales to pay back the R&D nor even get production costs close to Sony’s.

      • lobotomisedjournalist

        I don’t disagree with anything you say; but that does not negate what I said.

        The two main fails on this camera, were 1) the touch screen without any direct buttons making it unusable in many situations and never fast. 2) lack of a built in viewfinder, making it seem like a toy, or when using the external viewfinder, unergonomic. Both were decisions that no real photographer would have allowed to pass. The Leica X series was always considered to be crippled without a built in viewfinder and was a very, very, bad deal when compared to the Fuji X 100 cameras, even if it had been much cheaper, which it wasn’t.

        Yes, Leica cannot afford to compete with Sony directly, but it can differentiate itself intelligently instead of stupidly.

        • Brennan McKissick


        • El Aura

          Not having a viewfinder was not an attempt to differentiate, it was simply a bad decision (in particular in hindsight). The vast majority of rangefinder mirrorless model ranges started out without a viewfinder (Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Pentax, one out of the two original Nikon 1 models), only Fuji bucked that trend but their X-1 Pro was probably the largest rangefinder mirrorless model released so far. Almost all large sensor compacts also started out without viewfinders (Nikon A, Ricoh GR, Sigma DP, Sony RX100, RX1), again with Fuji bucking the trend.

          Point being: It was a mistake, but a common mistake. And Leica has started rectifying it with the Leica Q and Leica SL (as have most others).

        • JLMILES

          Did you actually shoot with the camera? I own one and can tell you that it never once froze on me and the touch screen was never a hinderence. Mainly because there were also two customizable dials that allowed for quick changes without taking the camera away from your eye. Maybe I’m not a real photographer but I think the camera was pretty damn innovative both ascetically and functionally. Not perfect in any way but definitely not the boondoggle you make it out to be.

          As for the X series as a whole, I think it was and is the best APS-C sensor hands down. Didn’t check all the boxes functionally but as far as image quality, the sensor + lenses were second to none.

        • Les


          Don’t take this wrong, but you are not the judge of who is a “real photographer” and who is not.

          You sound like someone who’s got a pocket full of excuses (“camera X doesn’t have feature Y, so it can’t possibly be useful”), and nothing to show for it.
          I’m sure you aren’t that way in real life, but you come across that way in your comments. As if what’s holding you back is the fact that your lens is half a stop too slow to be “serious,” or whatever.

          • lobotomisedjournalist

            I would never claim to be the sole judge of who or what a real photographer is, but I assume all ‘real’ photographers would hesitate to buy a camera that does not function particularly well when compared to others and which is also priced at a premium.

            M cameras offered something that no other maker was offering – superb mechanics, and excellent viewfinder, accurate wide angle focusing and, of course, beautiful, small, durable, excellent glass. So, Leica M’s were always worth a premium. Leica M digital perhaps less so, but they still have the relatively small size, the superb viewfinder and the excellent lenses. With the Monochromes they also have something that no-one else offers. In other words, as has been mentioned, they differentiate themselves from others and so can still charge that premium and get way with it.

            Leica now seems to believe all its cameras are always worth a premium, even if they have fallen behind other manufacturer’s models in practicality and ergonomics. The Leica X and T series are cases in point. They haven’t innovated with viewfinders and have fallen behind Fuji, which are also far more ergonomic and much, much cheaper. Who, apart from a Leica fanboy would choose a Leica T over a Fuji X100T or a Fuji X-pro 2?

            Try using a Leica T with even with thin gloves in the cold. Try putting the thing in your pocket with the viewfinder attached, or try holding it steady at slow shutter speeds when using the back screen. No one would choose to put up with these basic functional deficiencies if they could buy a much better camera that works for less money. That is where Leica’s problem with the X and T cameras lies.

    • Do we have any evidence showing it was a disaster? If they are making a second version, that indicates it was successful enough for them to make a sequel …

  • compacts

    BTW, in Japan, X-vario (black version) is also discontinued at Yodobashi.com. So, I have an expectation that we’ll be able to hear announcements about new aps-c cameras at Photokina!

  • Brennan McKissick

    It’s about time. They’ve resorted to giving them to trendy instagrammers now for some time to hopefully get rid of them haha. This camera was a flop from the start. Hopefully the replacement will continue to move in the right direction like some of their latest cameras.

    • Erica Middel

      You have problably never used a T. I have recently bought a T, to accompany my M. I really like it. The T is a beautiful camera, the UI is really easy to use and the lenses are good. On my last holiday to Norway I only brought my T with me (because of a shoulder injury I could carry two camera’s as I usually do). I never regretted it. I really enjoy using the T.

      • Brennan McKissick

        I have used a T. And a Sony NEX5. They are the same minus the menu. That camera was ridiculous when it came out and it’s even more ridiculous now.

  • Johan

    I got mine with 18-56 brand new from store for $1500 and at that price I can´t find much better. At the $3000 + original price? Yes, there are a lot of better options…

    Now I just need to get a hold of the new Leica T Summilux lens….

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