Clarification: there will be two Leica M-P Typ 240 Titanium limited edition cameras

Just a quick clarification: there will be two Leica M-P Typ 240 titanium limited edition cameras, the first one is for the Leica Store Ginza 10th anniversary and it does not come with any lenses (50 pieces, mainly for the Japanese market). The second Leica M-P Type 240 titanium limited edition camera I reported about yesterday will be announced/released in October-November timeframe and will come in a set with two lenses (333 pieces, worldwide availability). Update: the camera is now officially announced.

A quick note on the two lenses that will come with the second titanium version - they just have titanium color/finish (titanium anodized finish), they are not actually made from titanium.

This future release of the second M-P Type 240 titanium limited edition camera again confirms that Leica may really have no plans to announce another M at Photokina.

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  • James Donahue

    And as always us average,normal shooters with our tongues hanging out wonder what the price of these gems will cost. But noting that there will be only 333 sets so there already called for anyway. I Shoot Fuji.

    • ZMWT

      Ask Fuji to come out with Titanium X100.

      • Boris but No Johnson

        I wish they were designed and made like Contax T cameras… Feel a bit cheap and flimsy in the hand

        • ZMWT

          That quality will never come again. Only in Leica camera perhaps, but Fuji specialises in cheapest feeling materials they can get.

          • Boris but No Johnson

            Shame since both X-Pro and X-T feel quite solid in the hand, can’t understand why they can’t bring that level of construction to X100 other than cost-cutting.

      • I remember the X100 came in a limited edition set too.

      • James Donahue

        X100F comes out next year and Fuji does listen to there customers, Maybe.

    • Les

      Fuji also has special editions. Does that bother you?

      • James Donahue

        No cause I got them all.

    • I ordered 2 sets but can’t tell you the price now. Lol

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