New Leica M-P Typ 240 Titanium limited edition camera announced for Leica Store Ginza 10th anniversary

leica-m-p-typ-240-titanium-limited-edition-camera-leica-store-ginza-10th-anniversary-3 leica-m-p-typ-240-titanium-limited-edition-camera-leica-store-ginza-10th-anniversary-4
A new Leica M-P Typ 240 titanium limited edition camera was announced in Japan today to commemorate the Leica Store Ginza 10th anniversary. Only 50 pieces of this model will be produced. This limited edition doesn't include any lenses and is 90g lighter than the "regular" brass Leica M-P.

I believe this is not the M-P Titanium limited edition camera I reported about yesterday (it was limited to 333 pieces and includes two titanium lenses).

Additional pictures of the Leica M-P Typ 240 Leica Store Ginza 10th anniversary titanium limited edition camera:

leica-m-p-typ-240-titanium-limited-edition-camera-leica-store-ginza-10th-anniversary-1 leica-m-p-typ-240-titanium-limited-edition-camera-leica-store-ginza-10th-anniversary-2 leica-m-p-typ-240-titanium-limited-edition-camera-leica-store-ginza-10th-anniversary-5

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  • CHD

    Man…why did they have to ruin that beautiful camera with that ugly Jahre/logo engraving on the back????

  • ZMWT

    90g lower weight is quite considerable reduction and toughness does not suffer. Perhaps all M cameras should be made from titanium?

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