This is the new Leica TL mirrorless camera

This is the long rumored new Leica TL mirrorless camera that will be announced soon:

The TL will be available in three different colors: black anodized, silver anodized and titanium.

You can also see the new TL page is ready to go live: when you click on you get "403 forbidden" instead of "404 not found", just like previous Leica announcements:

For comparison, here is the previous Leica T (Typ 701) model:

Via Nokishita

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  • sperdynamite

    So much for a thoughtful redesign…

  • Klaus

    Leica Q Titan, Leica T Titan…and the next Leica SL in ??? yes: titanium!!!

    • Rosa Michaels

      … and the next M ; in unobtanium 🙂

      • Joakim Larsson

        I would love that it would make it hoover by it self just like in the Avatar movie 🙂

        Imagine, no more need for tripod, always perfect hand held shots 🙂

      • Mistral75

        The next M will be named M10; it was registered as such on 26 October by the Chinese ministry MIIT.

  • tomnewtn

    Ugly and uninspiring design.

    • Rosa Michaels

      Hamsome in titainium .

  • BdV


    Not Found

    By the way, looks a bit like that chinese micro four thirds camera. Hope they don’t get sued.

  • MdB

    So what are we assuming here? 24MP sensor and… not much else?

    • Well, I was told that the changes will be minimal – this is more of a model/name change than a real camera upgrade. We shall see.

      • MdB

        Yeah I mean they gotta rebrand the same old camera so they can restart pricing.

  • Les

    I hope it gets a new “Visoflex” (external finder) that is based on the SL’s finder. Leica should use just one external finder and make it compatible with the M, S, SL and TL.
    I include the SL in that list because it would provide tilting functionality, which is especially important for video.

    • MdB

      The old one was. The new one was too, except they haven’t (yet) released a M that could be compatible (maybe M10?). The Olympus one for the M 240 etc, X2 and Vario and later Leica designed one for T(L) and X.

      • Les


        That’s exactly the problem. One Visoflex fits the M, another fits the compacts, and neither Visoflex fits the S or SL.

        • MdB

          Well the old one was for both M and the compacts, however since they updated their hasn’t been a new M to utilise it. Yes they could make a new one also, this time hopefully they will make them mechanically and electronically the same in the future.

  • Glass095

    They didn’t address the biggest complain: integrated viewfinder. Let’s hope they did something about the second, focus peaking, or the third, speed. Otherwise it’s doa again.

  • Brennan McKissick

    I hope they spent all their R&D money they saved on just using a recycled chassis and put it into better sensor technology. Brace yourselves for another huge flop in the form of the T.

    • sperdynamite

      Why they expect this to succeed where the previous model failed is beyond me. All people want is an internal EVF and some external controls. This is not hard.

      • Thinkpad_T60

        No EVF is fine most of the time. The problem is no aperture ring ; for a Leica that’s completely shocking and a deal breaker.

        • You are right but still it needs an speed an iso dial. I was hooping for a redesing near to Q series. For my taste this cam is an expensive toy not a Leica .

    • Les

      It’s funny when the Sony Sensor Police accidentally slams a Sony sensor!

      It’s not a “serious camera” for the “serious photographers” who comment here, but so what? Serious photographers would slam a Holga Cat camera because it looks different, thereby completely missing the point.

      • Brennan McKissick

        It’s in “serious camera” price range, it should have something better than sensor technology from a 5 year old camera that costs >$500. I don’t know why you’re always here in your Red Dot cheerleader outfit when they release EVERY new product. Sorry to break it to you but the T was a steamy pile of shit and it’s looking like this one will be as well. No one is saying that this camera needs to top every chart in overall performance, it just has to at least compete with other cameras in it’s category. But I guess the SL can’t compete with anything else in it’s category so if anything Leica is consistent.

        • Les


          No need to have a stroke.
          The T had the current Sony sensor at the time of its release. Arguably, it was better than standard because it has no low-pass filter (and of course, much better-than-average lenses for the format). It also uses Leica color profiles, which many people like.
          I’m sure the new camera will use a competitive sensor, and also that you and a few others will complain. Even if it’s the same sensor as the latest Sony.

          • Brennan McKissick

            The sensor is from an NEX-5…which was released in 2010 I think. Sorry, it was currently a 4 year old sensor. The a6000 was the current “equivilant” when the T was released and was infinitely better.

          • I heard that there were no technical upgrades to the new TL – just a new firmware. I hope that info was wrong.

          • Brennan McKissick

            What a joke of an APS-C line.

          • Les

            Brennan, you are making two false assumptions:

            That all sensors with the same size and pitch are the same, specifically that a 16MP sensor from 2010 is the same as a 16MP sensor from 2014.

            That more pixels is always better. Nothing else matters, ever, right?

          • Brennan McKissick

            You’re making the false assumption that Leica would go to the trouble of updating anything in the TL model line.

          • I was told that the upgrades are minimal, not sure exactly what that means.

          • sperdynamite

            Don’t forget that it was also released with what has to be the world’s first variable aperture prime lens. The 23/2 forced you to stop down because Leica apparently can’t be bothered to design a lens that still performs well wide open less than 1m from subject. And then there was the 18-56 variable aperture zoom that makes the heart flutter with excitement. Somehow Fuji can make a 2.8-4 but the optical wizards at Leica are just flummoxed.

          • Les

            You are correct. If you need to brag about having the fastest lens (at the cheapest price), this camera isn’t for you. So why are you still complaining? It’s not a camera for you, move on…

          • sperdynamite

            Actually this is an open forum where anyone can comment. As someone who has invested in an M 240 in the past, and regularly shoots with an M4, I am not some bystander. I literally make money with my Leica equipment. An APS-C ILC is a product that Leica should be making. This iteration of it however is a waste of everyone’s time and money. I won’t even argue that they need to have the latest and greatest sensor, they don’t. But I will say that some external controls and an internal EVF would go a long way toward a convincing argument against an XPro1.

          • Les

            The T has several unique features: the build quality, the interface, and the lenses. You don’t care for any of those, so move on.

            You are the camera equivalent of someone who goes to a restaurant and loudly complains about the dishes he won’t be ordering. I guess everything on the menu should be made exclusively for you? What a waste of time (although I do find it fascinating from a psychological standpoint!).

      • sperdynamite

        You are correct that the T is not a serious camera. It’s a joke that Leica is playing on wealthy dolts too obsessed with luxury branding to see past their own smugness.

        • Les

          This is a joke on wealthy people, so a Sony 6300 is a joke on less wealthy people?
          I don’t get your logic. Do you also curse-out your neighbors for owning a slightly more expensive wheelbarrow?

          If so, the curse is on you, they aren’t bothered at all.

          • sperdynamite

            The 6300 is worth the $ to it’s users, that’s the difference. I have no problem with expensive things. The problem comes when the things are expensive for no reason, or are actually worse than other options in the same product category. The T offers nothing that it’s direct competitors aren’t already doing better, for less. Remember when I said you are just belligerent when it comes to Leica? This is a great example. But you don’t even have to believe me! The T was a flop. Towards the end they began giving it away to bloggers or Instagram stars, even Steve Huff said it’s a slow seller, and they cut the price in half. Nobody wanted it because in this case, the emperor wears no clothes.

  • reef

    still same old shitty sensor? I was hoping its full frame 🙁

    • for a full frame, you have to get the SL – it’s the same mount

      • reef

        yes i know, but sl is way too ugly, t is very cool!

  • Blay Breemritz

    I’m gonna get one right away!

  • Valdo

    I think this is fake.

    • I don’t think is fake, in fact I am sure it is not fake.

      • Valdo

        Do you realy think that Leica will have the courage to place
        the T(L) on the market without a build in viewfinder?

        It will be like the new Apple laptops, no SD card reader and…
        you have to buy a dongle to connect your iPhone !!!!

        • I think this is exactly what they are going to do – even more, I was told that there will not be many differences between the old T and the new TL.

  • Ricardo Villagran Vicent

    Actually the link says “404 NOT FOUND”.

    • yes, Leica changed it today after my post – see the screenshot 🙂

  • storm17

    It’s not for me, I prefer old school like the Q. But my designer and architects friends who own the T rave about it all the time. It’s a camera made for designers. The UI is superb. Too bad they have very few compact lenses for it. I think 28e and 50e focal lengths should have Elmarit-T versions at least, if not a Cron like the current 35e.

  • Bo Dez

    I think the T totally has it’s place. With the right spec and features it will be a valuable tool. It seems they’ve done away with the stupid hand polishing malarky that was just a waste of resources that nobody cared for. This is excellent it will either make it cheaper or they can use that money on the sensor etc. The samples from the lenses I’ve seen, particularly they newer ones are really excellent.

    Given they have moved this to TL (light?) designation, that does open up a spot for the T, which could be a full framed version.

    • storm17

      L is the mount designation. TL for APS C, SL is the full frame version.

    • Brennan McKissick

      They’ll never make the TL a full frame camera. They’d have way to many products in the same category. This needs to be an entry level APS-C camera that’ll introduce people to the SL system. It just has to be a capable camera, which in its current form it is not.

  • Seven_Spades

    It needs an EVF and a 20mp sensor and a some programmable manual controls like shutter speed/aperture. Manual aperture controls could be a simple lens change. I keep banging on but I firmly believe that Leica should make a digital version of the Contax G2. This camera is almost there.

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