Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM and Distagon T* 4/18 ZM lenses listed as discontinued

zeiss-c-biogon-t-4521-zm-lens zeiss-distagon-t-18mm-f4-zm-lens
An interesting development: the Zeiss C Biogon T* 4,5/21 ZM ($1,201) and Distagon T* 4/18 ZM ($1,428) lenses for Leica M mount are both currently listed as discontinued on Zeiss website (see this and this page):

Zeiss is currently offering up to $250 rebates on selected Zeiss ZM lenses (B&HAdorama and PopFlash are eligible for those rebates, Amazon is not):

This offer is valid till December 31st. The mail-in form can be downloaded here.

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