The latest Leica videos

Here are the latest Leica related YouTube videos - the first one is a Leica Q Titanium gray unboxing - note that the camera comes with a 90 days Adobe Creative Cloud trial instead of a Lightroom license code:


More videos after the break:

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  • David V. Kutaliya

    If things go on like this, then I think that Leica will soon begins to lose its admirers.

    • I’ve been hearing this for 10 years since I am running this blog. Leica could be losing customers in the west, but I am pretty sure is gaining customers in Asia.

      • David V. Kutaliya

        I agree with you.

        • storm17

          A bit condescending there, don’t you think? Been out of the West much?

          • David V. Kutaliya

            Honestly, I not quite understand you. I don’t live in the West too. Specify, please, your questions and position. Perhaps you do not understand what I wrote? I will be happy to answer.

    • storm17

      Glad I am not one of them. But then yes, I don’t live in the West.

  • storm17

    Huh. From that last video “review”, it seems a lot of people fail to get the philosophy behind an M Classic camera.
    I found his ridiculous attempt at adding an LCD screen on the M-D hilarious and bumbling. Why try to reach your left ear with your right hand all the way behind your head, when you can just get a regular 262 and scratch that itch for a great deal less of money?
    Lave the M-D alone. Leica is on the right track with this one to me. All they need to do now is thin the body down to an M7 size and it would be the perfect M for me.

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