Voigtlander HELIAR Vintage Line 50mm f/3.5 VM lens now in stock

The new Voigtlander HELIAR Vintage Line 50mm f/3.5 VM lens is currently in stock at B&H and Adorama. You can see a few sample photos taken with the lens at the Japanese website DC.Watch. More sample photos can now be downloaded here. The technical specifications can be found here.

This lens has been on the market for years. It came with the Bessa R2S Nikon S-mount rangefinder as a special edition and many people just adapt it using the Amedeo adapter to M mount.

Three more close-up pictures of the lens:

Pictures credit: DC.Watch

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  • Franklin Berryman

    I am not sure who the target market is. Who is going to pay $6K for a new Leica body and then put a $539 50mm f3.5 lens on it?

    • I am thinking of getting one and permanently attaching it to my film M camera so I don’t have to change lenses when I want to use it (I shoot film maybe once a month). I already have the 50 Lux and would not mind a second cheap and small 50mm lens.

      • Franklin Berryman

        Why do you want a second cheap and small 50mm lens, particularly if you only shoot film once a month? Besides, you could get a really nice Elmar for less than that.

        • Alphageist

          Why not?

          I’m seriously thinking of picking this lens up for my M6 as its only lens and I already have the 50 cron and lux.

        • So I don’t have to change lenses every time, I know it may sound stupid but I want to have my film camera ready to go (I have M6 for b&w and MP for color film). Getting a used Elmar is also a possibility, but buying used is always a risk and I personally prefer new.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            Very nice lens for daily photos. And I understand you perfectly. Many photographers do the same.

        • Licheus

          An Elmar is not a Heliar. The additional element does make a difference, that we’d have to admit.

    • MdB

      Oh so an expensive camera must have an expensive lens otherwise not worth using? This is a VERY good lens, it just isn’t a particularly fast lens.

      PS the older Heliar was considered by many to be the sharpest 50mm lens ever made for 135 format and commands some fairly high prices for a used 50mm f3.5 LTM lens.

    • Carlos

      stupid Hipsters as you can see, don’t buy the original lens, can’t afford a camera standing in dust waiting for a shared lens to be switched over and take a photo a month.
      What would you call that? Photographer? But hey, should they stop? Hell no, we need many more of these stupid folks to propell the market to build more choice of lenses, cameras, films, especially film, … So let them buy 10 of these ridiculous lenses or the MS-Optics, or Lomo, or whatever.
      best regards,
      a stupid hipster taking a photo a month with his expensive Leica and Leica lenses as he mentally can’t afford crappy wannabe lenses on his camera he rarely uses. 😉

      • You don’t know anything about me, why are you calling me a stupid hipster? I will buy whatever I want and shoot whenever I want and this is none of your business.

        • David V. Kutaliya


      • Alphageist

        You should put some clothes on. Your stupid is showing.

        • Carlos

          Sorry I can’t. I’m just a stupid hipster and stupidity exhibitionist, too stupid to realize the value of crap lenses who takes as his business what other stupid hipsters publicly make a public’s business. 😉 let the crap business roll.
          Oh this month I didn’t take a picture yet with my four Leicas and six lenses. It’s about time to take a leica sofort instant photo and scan it with the impossible scan app to my 500px account. I’m sad, it’s so difficult to make an HDR with leica sofort when you only shoot a picture a month. 😉

          • Alphageist

            Do what makes you happy.

            I’ll be busy enjoying this lens on my digital Ms and M6.

          • I do not understand your comment. Is this supposed to be sarcasm? I assume you have tried this brand new lens and have been shooting with it for while and you are giving us your feedback. Otherwise you are just another troll and trolls get banned here.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            I, frankly, do not understand what Carlos wanted to say: ((

          • Carlos

            What’s your problem? I’m trolling myself and am just laughing at the stupidity we all share when it comes to play with new lenses obviously brought to the market to sell to our kind without any optical value of improvement other than making very old lenses types with all its errors available again for big bucks. Wether it’s lomo, MS-optical, Meyer, voigtländer, now even Leica with its new 28 sunglasses. No it’s not bad it’s actually good because it propels the business of vintage wannabe of everything and thus film, too. I have grown up with film and don’t want to miss it, same as with Musik on vinyl. As foolish or stupid it may sound, look, etc. and all you who’re stupidly complaining not to understand me more than just a single word stupid are more or less on the same stupid side. We all want to play with what really makes no sense and even spend lots of money to do it once a month or just to look at it standing in a Vitrine or in dust.
            Yes we are, but fun it brings.

          • Carlos

            Oh, and just in case you think you’re an artist and want to argue that you use it for artistically creative purpose. No, you’re not! And I am not. They don’t care about fear at all, other than to just use it instead of talking about. Do you know a real cook that’s constantly bragging about a knife without being paid for it? Right, no.

          • Pantechnicon

            A cry for help, if ever I heard one.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            Dear Carlos, someone force you buy this lens?

          • Carlos

            Hey admin of the unreflective fun-haters and blind GAS and Marketing victims. Could you please ban me?
            This forum is getting so primitive disrespecting happy reflective views in an unsupportable way. I want my rights respected and executed to get protected from these victims of sad stupidity and lost senses of reality. Please ban me so I don’t need to feel the urge to interact with them, you included anymore.

            Thank you very much for your kindness.


      • he´s just jealousy and a bit narrow. don’t mind for a comment of somebody who probably never will understand anything about photography and its history. or a company wich made one of the best gear in the world and supports the best photographers on this planet since nearly a hundred years^^
        i put my leica and lenses through syria and parts of west africa, and im super happy that my canon died there and the leica not 🙂
        thanks for a great laugher dude! hahahahahaha

    • stevo

      Maybe it’s not about money but about character?3

    • Boris but No Johnson

      Yo Frank I guess it’s more of a novelty thing, probably a fun lens for people who already own a 50mm summilux or Cron, a bit like Leica’s “new” 28mm F5,6.

      • Franklin Berryman

        Some people have responded that they would buy it, but it doesn’t tell me much about the target audience. Your comment hints at a possibility.

    • Markus Stamm

      I do have a digital Leica M, but not a single Leica lens currently. The reason behind that is quite simple: how many other digital rangefinder cameras are out there? none, really. So, not much of a choice. How many non-Leica lenses with M-mount: quite a few. Most of them way more affordable than Leica glass. And not necessarily worse.

    • CHD

      Not everybody who buys one of these is sticking it on a $6k M….they may be sticking it on a used M8/M9/M240 or who knows, maybe an M6. Options are good…not everyone here can afford $4000 Leica glass.

    • tomnewtn

      wow, so the price of the lens determines the quality. Who knew?

  • Alphageist

    What is the brand/make of the half case in these photos. It looks very interesting!

    • Alphageist

      Never mind, found the info from the D.C.Watch link. :p

      Case: Torii workshop Leica MP / M Old style case

    • From the DC post:

      Case: Torii Kobo Leica MP / M Old style case
      Strap: Angelo Pelle NECKSTRAP FULL LEATHER FOR LEICA SL 601 AND S (SAFARI GREEN LIMITED EDITION) http://www.angelo-pelle.com/

  • Admin, do you know if there is also a 35mm “vintage” lens coming on?

  • Pantechnicon

    Wanted for Christmas caption contest: photo of this Voigtlander mounted on an SL, beside an SL with it’s native 50/1.4

    • Les

      The brilliant this about Leica is that “you need both.” How you pay for it is your problem…

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