Tsubasa Swallow 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M mount

The Japanese Hawks Factory announced a new Tsubasa Swallow 35mm f/2 lens for Leica M mount. I got contacted by the company and was told that the price is ¥‎198,000 (aprox. $1,800). Sample photos can be found here and here. Here are the basic specifications and some additional pictures:

  • Focal length: 35mm
  • Aperture: F2 ~ F16
  • Shortest focusing distance: 0.65m
  • Lens construction: 8 elements in 6 groups
  • Angle of view: 58.4 °
  • Aperture blades: 14
  • Focus: manual
  • Filter size: 49 mm
  • Weight : 320g
  • Mount: Leica M

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  • Aperture ring goes the wrong way.

    • Tom Fuldner

      and to me, that’s a biggie.

      • I assume you mean biggie bad?

        • Tom Fuldner

          Yes. To me, consistency in rotation of f stop and focusing is really important. If someone is making a lens for M mount, physical controls should conform.

    • ZMWT

      Much easier to get used to than driving on the ‘wrong’ side of road.

  • Licheus

    It’s possibly 35 M-Summicron v1 inspired. That would explain the pricing.

    Still, the lens’s quite big for a symmetrical design…

    • The price I reported initially was not correct, the correct price is: ¥‎198,000 (aprox. $1,800).

      • Licheus

        That’s even closer to the Summicron price. Their website says “old lens charm enhanced with latest technology”, hmm…

        It’s likely created just for the taste, which caters only to a very small audience. Very Japanese.

    • leica man

      I like new lenses for Leica.
      But for this price you can get an 8 Element 35mm Summicron.
      And as you mentioned, this lens is rather big.

  • Yan

    big and heavy, lacks of focus tab.

    • CHD

      Focus tab = overrated. I actually prefer the focus rings on my Zeiss ZM lenses to my Leica lenses.

      • yes the focus knob/bump helps it anyway, but it´s a challenge to get used to it, shooting fast on the streets without anything.

      • cnick6

        Pfft… wuss. Long live the focus tab!

  • Pantechnicon

    When a company named ‘Hawk’ produce a lens named ‘Swallow’… I find that hard to widgeon.

    • Thiseas

      at least this comes at a price you can swallow

  • Mistral75

    A few pictures from Japanese photographer Tetsu Sawamura a.k.a. metalmickey:

    – on his blog: http://metalmickey.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2017/01/hawks-factorysw.html

    – in an article written for Digital Camera Watch (full resolution images available): http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/review/dressup/1037234.htm

    Tetsu Sawamura has actually been testing prototypes of the Tsubasa Swallow 35mm f/2 since more than one year and a half. He talks about it in a mook published in August 2015, Old Lens Life Vol. 5:




    • thanks, will add the links to my post

    • Yan

      omg, the image quality is awful…

      • Boris but No Johnson

        That price is hard to swallow considering I can get a new and perfectly capable Zeiss-branded Cosina-made 35mm for less…

  • awesome match, looks super nice include the samples shots, but i agree with it, the “wrong aperture ring is a deal breaker!
    why they are not translating their site to english?! i hate that!
    seems that they are not interested in selling it to customers outside japan??^^

    • Thiseas

      it’s very typical for japanese online stores. I don’t get it either.


    I always thought Hawk’s was based in Taiwan rather than Japan

  • Bo Dez

    Any new company making new M lenses is welcome to me. I hope it does well.

    • Same here – just look what Sigma did in the DSLR world. Competition is very healthy.

  • nemo295

    It seems there’s nothing to recommend this lens apart from it being cheaper than the 35mm Summicron. It certainly doesn’t appear to be in the same league optically.

  • Les

    I can see people getting confused between this “Hawks” company and “Hawk” (vantagefilm.com) who build cine lenses. They are separate companies, this one is Japanese, and the cine one is German.

  • nmai

    What is the model of the Leica in these photos?

  • asiafish

    Wow, same weight as the 35mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH FLE and an even larger filter size.

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