Handevision IBERIT lenses for Leica M mount: MTF charts and sample photos posted online

Kipon published the MTF charts and some sample photos from their new Handevision IBERIT full frame lenses for Leica M mount (check pricing and availability at B&H and Adorama):

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  • Ric Ricard

    As a portrait photographer, it drives me crazy when a manufacturer or site posts samples that features objects only, and no people. And, knowing that “bokeh ” is a big deal to Leica shooters how can a M manufacturer not have samples where the subject is focused at around 3 feet and there are background elements in the composition? Why have every sample focused at 15 feet or more?

    • soundimageplus

      What annoys me is when a manufacturer posts such small samples. I couldn’t find anything at full size. How are we supposed to make a judgement with those?

      • MdB

        What I find surprising is how small these images are given they are around 500KB in size…

    • Boris but No Johnson

      How bout the third one with the Indian girl?
      I know in India they say women are possessions…

    • mediabob

      Ric, agreed. Maybe just as important, Kipon doesn’t give any information on how they processed the web images. Were they RAW, jpg, or tiff? The MTF charts for the wide angles are worrisome because they show astigmatism and lateral optical aberrations throughout the frame past center. But, the pictures don’t show any of these issues so I have to believe they corrected for these, and added sharpness to beef up the contrast and minimize the resolution loss, in post processing. I’d like to see a RAW file link somewhere.

    • ZMWT

      If you want bohkeh, get yourself Leica SL and its lenses. Not even M with Crons and Luxes cuts it there. So please spare us useless moaning — what did you expect in a lens that is 1/5 of the price of a Lux?

      • asiafish

        Really? I get fantastic bokeh with my Ms and their Cross and Luxes.

  • Bernd Reinhardt

    What is going on in the picture of the monkey? looks like it was shot on a green screen and superimposed on the background. This is the most artificial looking transition between in and out of focus I have ever seen. Why would anyone in their right mind buy these lenses?

    • abortabort

      What are you talking about?

      • Bernd Reinhardt

        I am talking about the fifth picture in the series of sample. A picture of a monkey with absolutely horrible chromatic aberrations on his pink face. This is something you might see from a Leica lens from the forties.

    • Xiaoming Zhang

      you are right,this photo shoot by me,in Japan,shoot monkey in hot spring,personally I like this photo,I didn’t do any photoshop about this photo,the lens 50mm/f2.4 are belong to very early samples,not do centering yet,for production lens,now we use Zeiss MTF machine do precision centering,so don’t worry about it,you see the lotus ,also shoot by iberit 50/2.4,but production lens,we already have a test abut comparision to LEICA SUMMARIT 50/f2.5 this week,you will be surprised.

      • abortabort

        Do you have any full sized samples? Interested in the whole set, but the protracted release times and trying to find any scrap of information on these is so difficult.

      • Bernd Reinhardt

        Thank you for your explanation.

      • Pako

        I tried the 35mm f2.4 at Adorama, It fit perfectly on my Sony A7R + Kipon adapter, but not on my Leica CL -the bayonet lock pin doesn’t perfectly fit in the hole on the lens mount, the lens was not secure on the camera. I didn’t try it on other Leica bodies doh…
        I’m waiting for Adorama to have more lenses and get one that also fit the Leica body, I’m specially interested on the 24mm.
        24mm; 35mm and 90mm would be the perfect kit

        • Xiaoming Zhang

          I already saw your photo by our 35mm lens on your A7 on instagram ,thank you very much! Adorama will have more lens soon.

      • Bo Dez

        Is there likely to be a 1.4 line?

    • Nathan Wright

      Whatever are you on about?

      • Bernd Reinhardt

        Zhang was nice enough to reply and give me an explanation, and since then I haven’t been “on about” anything.

    • ZMWT

      You exaggerate. I understand that moaning and complaining is part of usual repartee of the Leica Rumours clientele, but let’s cut it once in a while?

  • tjholowaychuk

    Hmm look pretty soft to me, though not he best quality images. Seems like Voigtlander / Zeiss would be a better alternative (50mm Nokton is great).

    • Roelv1

      Seems like Voigtlander? The 35 1,7 Ultron from V, has a better review than the 35 summicron ash. from Leica. Next to Reid it out resolves the summicron on most aspects, also the contrast.

  • I will try the 35mm….on film 🙂 Can’t wait.

  • Pantechnicon

    Admin could save us all some time by running a poll:

    A: Sounds interesting: isn’t is nice to have another option.
    B: I don’t really understand how a compressed web images might look different to the negative/ digtal file.
    C: I am furious about how they didn’t use a sample that satisfies my precise definition of useful.
    D: I am furious because this new untested lens which I am never going to buy is not as good/sharp as another lens ( which I may never have used).
    E: I wish to live in a communist society where comrades produce the pinnacle of technical achievement then sell it in exchange for one cabbage.
    F: I don’t understand the nature of a ‘rumours’ site and want to be told everything now.

    • nailed it! hahaha
      D is a strong point!

    • Glenn Ficarra

      This is the best comment of all time

  • Bo Dez

    I am particularly interested in the 24mm and I wish there was a 28mm too.

  • cnick6

    The pictures look good for the most part. I would like to see more samples on the M240+ cameras as they’re not CCD like the M9. I never shot with the M9 but from what I’ve read their pictures have a slightly different look than CMOS sensor versions.

    Also I hope they design more lenses with focus tabs. It really is a useful feature. 🙂

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