One more picture: Leica M10 in black

And one more - Leica M10 in black:

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  • nice. wish we could see the new ISO dial better.. Can make out there are various ISO settings, just curious what the single digit or letter show.. probably one will be “A” (I think it’s in red color) for Automatic ISO, but howabout the other one (looks to be in white color next to the “A”)?

    • Boris but No Johnson
      • Kevin

        Im wondering if its a “P” for program. you’d be able to program an extended ISO assignment to that setting. I hardly ever use over 1600 so it wouldn’t be very useful to me…

    • Need money for an M

      True, at least people do not need to ‘swim into’ the menu to set the ISO, just like Kai, ex-digitalrev host, when he was reviewing typ-240 back in 2012, he didn’t know how to set ISO as well lol

  • Florian

    Is it really as thin as an analogue M? I doubt it. Hard to judge from that point of view. I like to see it from the top! 🙂

    • Tan

      Assuming the shutter dial is the same as M240, then it does seems to be much thinner.

      I’m curious about the VF, if it comes with HUD ala Fuji or keep the traditional mechanical RF.

  • Tan

    If that’s the ISO dial on the right, I wonder what does P/R stands for? and excluding the red icon, they’ll be about 7-8 ISO settings, so 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600?

  • Paul

    Where to I send the cheque?
    Shut up and take my money!

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