New picture of the entire back of the Leica M10 camera

Here is another picture of the back of the Leica M10:

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  • Tøf

    Ok I was wrong about the CCD, it’s now officially a CMOS 🙂

    • Yes, same sensor as the Q and SL.

      • How different is the Sensor from the SL/Q compared to the current M ?

        • It’s better 🙂 better high ISO, dynamic range…

    • CHD

      Why would you have ever thought it would be CCD???? For better or worse, that ship has sailed.

  • eric

    looks great. hopefully it will come in an all black option too.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    It looks like there are LED lights above and below the buttons. Why two?

    • 3foot1

      Maybe the bottom one is just a window to let you see what kind of film you’re using.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        If so, I withdraw my complaint! 🙂

    • good question, I don’t know

    • abortabort

      One for each card slot 😉

      • Gavin Pitts

        I hope so, that would be great!

  • Looks like drive mode is now in the menu

  • looks good. even simpler.. maybe I missed a prior leaked rumor about the specs, but is this m10 supposed to be strictly stills photo and no video?.. looks like it judging by it’s simplicity and missing movie button that use to be on the top.

    • I will do a M10 recap shortly

    • Simplier? That shot only shows page one of a twenty six page menu, mahahahahaha (yes that was an evil laugh)

      Not joking now, looks like they swapped a menu based ISO for a physical dial, and swapped a physical burst and timer dial for a menu option

      My hunch is that someone, somewhere will be p*ssed at that!

      • Walter Strong

        ISO is still in menu, as is exposure comp, in addition to the physical controls. Or that’s how it looks anyway going by that photo.

        • I would GUESS that only the auto ISO setting is in the menu, the actual ISO is on the dial, previously all the ISO settings (eg auto, 200, 400 etc) were in the menu

      • there’s a 26 page menu? coming from other camera systems, not particularly concerned about this if it is correct, I’m certain I’ve dealt with as much, if not more, complicated menus., besides, once you setup what you need, there’s really nothing you really have to go back into the camera to mess around with… the same goes with just about any other camera.. thus, I find some arguments that some cameras are overly complicated a turn off a weak one..I’m sure there are exceptions.. sure, they can be complicated, especially if you’re new and unfamiliar, it can be very daunting, but like anything new, learn it and you’ll get it.. Also, if you’re as straight forward a shooter as you want to be, there should be no reason to ever go back into the menus for basic exposure controls at your fingertips to get the shot you want.

        eghh.. can’t please everyone 100% of the time..

        from what little I know, I’m feeling pretty positive about the M10 so far.

        • I was joking about a 26 page menu, the clue is where i wrote joking in my post 😉

          • thanks.. a good reminder for myself to lighten up and laugh more…

  • Klaus

    For me …. too many buttons:)

    • lol 🙂

      • one of these days, the M camera will just read you mind and there will be no buttons at all… jk.. sort of.. actually kind of cool idea, but probably not exactly for an M

  • tjholowaychuk

    2017: still LCD bezels. Looks ok I guess, not a fan of how the electronic components on the back look like one big insert, not really part of the camera. Looks like it hangs over the bottom plate as well?

    • Laurent

      tilting LCD screen ?

      • You cant be serious? It’s a Range Finder and manual focus lol.

        • abortabort

          You can’t use a tilt screen for manual focus?

      • tjholowaychuk

        Doesn’t look like it to me. I’m just surprised it’s not flush like the Q’s. The Q back looks cleaner.

  • Need money for an M

    The display seems to stick out more than 240, maybe they really did slimed down the body?

  • maralatho

    Placement of the tripod mount is pretty nutty. It seems to be centered in no direction, and aligned with nothing. Could they have moved it because few Leica users use tripods and/or to accommodate the thinner body?

    • I doubt that.

      • maralatho

        Looks weird, though, doesn’t it? Or is there some kind of optical illusion going on?

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