Leica M10 event coverage

The Leica M10 event starts today at 1pm EST today in Wetzlar, Germany and I will try to cover as much as possible here in this post. The official announcement will happen at 3pm EST, but I am sure there will be some details coming from the event presentations. You can check also all previously reported M10 specifications and pictures here.

Bookmark and refresh this page as it will be updated multiple times through the event. I will try to share all the information also on Twitter and Facebook. Follow also the new Leica M10 Facebook group and Leica M10 Facebook page.

Check pre-order options, pricing and availability at our sponsors (Leica M10 will be available tomorrow in all Leica stores worldwide):

US Worldwide
Leica Boutique Palm Beach
Leica Store San Francisco
Leica Store Miami
Classic Connection
Meister Camera (Germany)
Reddotcameras (UK)
MKKamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
9days (Hong Kong)
Map Camera (Japan)

Additional Leica M10 event coverage:

Leica M 240 vs. Leica M10 (thanks Nick)

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  • soundimageplus

    Available tomorrow? Makes a change from the usual long wait or will there just be a few available?

    • This could be the reason they delayed it.

      • soundimageplus

        I guess with the new (ish) factory and the general dissatisfaction with having to wait up to a year for some previous cameras they have got a bit more efficient. However, I’m sure all the accessories will take their usual time. I’m still waiting for the SL battery grip to become available in the UK. Ho Hum!!

  • MrSiO

    Do we know how much in UK pounds yet?

    • not yet, the official release will come in 25 minutes, stay tuned

    • br0xibear


      • MrSiO

        Yes. Much better than £6500. Nice.

        • soundimageplus


  • Brennan McKissick

    Damn, that’s awesome. I hope they ironed out all the wrinkles beforehand though and they don’t have some silly issue like the lugs coming out like on the M240 or something. I hope this is an extremely successful launch for them.

  • Brennan McKissick
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