Weekend readings: Leica M10 reviews, hands-on reports, sample photos, videos

Leica M10 reviews, previews, sample photos and more (bookmark this post as I will be updating is continuously in the next few weeks):

Leica M10 sample photos

Leica M10 hands-on videos:

Leica M10 pre-order links:

US Worldwide
Leica Boutique Palm Beach
Leica Store San Francisco
Leica Store Miami
Classic Connection
Meister Camera (Germany)
Reddotcameras (UK)
MKKamera (Hong Kong)
Rangefinder (Hong Kong)
9days (Hong Kong)
Map Camera (Japan)

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  • tjholowaychuk

    Oh man the ISO 50k stuff is a joke, even 6400 looks like crap according to that one post, looks nice otherwise.

    • PJOnori

      Did you download the sample DNGs? I was literally thinking the exact opposite. The ISO 6400 file was freakishly clean. ISO 50K needs work, but it’s usable with some TLC.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    The same horizontal lines, as on Q… 🙁

    • Rudi Rüssel

      What lines, something like banding at high ISO’s? (Sorry, have no Leica Q, so can’t compare)

      • David V. Kutaliya
        • Les

          So the image quality isn’t that great if you shoot at ISO 50,000 and then underexpose a further 3 stops? What a scandal!
          I guess I won’t be getting great images when I forget to remove the lens cap. I can’t think of any other situations where that issue is relevant.

          • David V. Kutaliya

            I personally think that the “pure” ISO 6400 is more than enough.

        • Carlos Gavina

          The photo is at 50,000 ISO, and probably not exposed correctly, I doubt you’ll need that ISO level..

          • David V. Kutaliya

            This is not my pictures 🙂
            I am sure that this is the “specificity” of the sensor!

        • Rudi Rüssel

          Ah, thanks.. have seen this image too. Ok the banding could be less, but for ISO 50000 it’s not overly problematic I think.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    Dear admin, what means “Live View electronic loupe can be moved around” (http://www.kenrockwell.com/leica/m10.htm)?

  • sickheadache

    Built on the old M7 Chassis…??? No Video…Same High Price. Does it use a Sony Sensor? Waiting for the spin.

    • maralatho

      Mentally-challenged troll…??? No Skill…Same Lame Comments. Does it use Cialis? Waiting for the spin.

      • sickheadache

        When the guys who tear cameras and lenses apart..to see what is inside…WE ALL will see, by Leica saving cost…actually did build this new camera on the M7 Chassis. It looks too similar, including the ISO button in the same place as the M7. While the Old M240 had video, this new camera does not…and they still charge the same price. And Leica will continue to churn out Jungle Safari, Ghetto Versions of the old M240 …just to make a few more bucks. Everything Old is truly New Again. Spin that KCID .

        • maralatho

          Every measurement, curve and small detail is different than the M7. Nothing is the same. Nothing. Except for the general look and approximate dimensions.

          • sickheadache

            Link please..not a sausage link.

  • David V. Kutaliya

    Dear admin, why I asked you about information from Ken Rockwell? Because you often recommend to your readers B&H. But here’s opinion of the B&H about this “specialist”:”Don’t pay too much attention to KR” (https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/355977-REG/Voigtlander_45BA246B_Nokton_40mm_f_1_4_M_Mount.html).
    Therefore, I allowed myself to ask a clarifying question to you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e55bbe2d610a65cbb28bf5663dc359f56de2ad8da13cd205a3851168790694b0.png

    • No problem, I approved you comment. What he is talking about is probably the live view magnification patch – I have to check when I get back home.

      • David V. Kutaliya


    • Ric Ricard

      They are not saying ignore KR totally, they are just saying ignore his opinion on that lens because they have a different opinion.

    • I think we all know not to pay any or much attention to KR.

    • Fiske

      Can’t speak to that particular lens, but that sounds like good advice!

      • David V. Kutaliya


  • Ric Ricard

    On the M240 you can magnify the center of the image to make it easy to focus. You can’t move around the image once you are zoomed in though. That means you can only focus on the center of the image. On the M10 you can move the focus point around after you zoom in. That is a major improvement.

  • John

    Anyone know when we will start seeing B&H orders ship?

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