Leica digest: Leica M11, Leica Q Ostrich Style, M 240 price drop in Europe, Leica SL shift adapter and more

→ 5DayDeal is back with an all-new 2017 complete photography bundle with $2,200+ worth of photography training and tools for $97 (96% savings).

→ Reminder: Don't like the Leica M10? The Leica M11 has already been trademarked.

→ After the M10 announcement, the first Leica M 240 price cuts appeared in Europe. The US pricing of the M and M-P Typ 240 remains unchanged.

→ Just announced: new HCam Doubleshift HDS Adapter for Leica SL.

→ Leica Q "Ostrich Style" was introduced in Korea.

Huawei P10 press rendering leaked online: it also comes with a dual Leica lens/camera setup.

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  • EosMan G

    anyone thinks US pricing will drop?

  • Bo Dez

    Interesting. Could Leica release the M11 and run it parallel with different features i.e. resolution, usb, video etc? They have done this previously for example with the M3 and M2

    • I doubt it

    • abortabort

      They run the 262 alongside as a lower cost model. The M10 is the new top model (until the M10-P), they have decided to forgo the USB and video (sadly) on the top model.

  • JFSG

    Dropping the price is a tragedy for people planning to sell their M240 and makes people still using their M240 feel bad. As a camera/tech brand, discounting old products and keep them in the line is a common strategy. As a luxury brand, discounting existing product is something to be careful with. With that said, Leica is such monopoly, where else can you go?

    • garygraphy

      Lesson is that you should have tried to sell your M240 2 months before the planned launch.

      • JFSG

        I am talking about their strategy and not personal feeling. No lesson is necessary since we all know that.

      • Yes, sell on rumors, buy on announcement 🙂

    • eric

      every camera you buy is a gamble, even a leica. you never know what a companies going to do next. as long as the camera works, who cares.

    • EnPassant

      Luxury or not. You just can’t compare handbags with cameras.
      Leica must apply to how the camera market is acting. And it is just a fact most will not pay the same price for old technology when something new arrived whatever the name of the camera.

      Leica’s luxury status can also be disputed. A M or SL camera cost just 3-4 times more than most entry level FF cameras. A Gucci handbag is at least 10-20 times more expensive than ordinary handbags.

    • JFSG

      I thought I was talking more about the strategy and not personal feelings. Personally, I don’t really care how they mark down their cameras. I love my m240 and will keep it and I will buy the m10 after it’s been proven flawless after a few months (my m9 and m240 stays way too long in New Jersey every year).

      I just think Leica is cashing out a bit too hard on their M. For me, why leica is different from other camera is the brand, the heritage and how it makes my subject feel. Leica did good by letting more people know that Leica is the camera they want but after that, it’s the Leica owners that’s going to buy the next Leica. It’s better if Leica can give its users the confidence that Leica knows what it is doing. Discounting their camera is not particularly wrong, but that along with having so many limited editions would hurt the definition of Leica. I think the right thing to do is to keep M262 and discountinue M240.

      I am not a marketing guy so I can’t tell why I feel this is the case exactly. i feel like Leica should do more like LV than coach and MK. Don’t cash out on your brand, live long and prosper.

  • Ric Ricard

    Since the M-P version is superior to the M240 version, they really should discontinue the M240 version asap.

  • abortabort

    Prices of the M 240 in Australia have been slashed on the 240 for the past month or two.

    • Paul


      • abortabort

        Everywhere. Are you looking for one or just wondering? Teds had the M-P 240 for $7499 which I think was the cheapest for the M-P. Digidirect had the M for about $7200 and M-P for about $7800 over Christmas. Their prices have gone back up, but will likely drop again.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Curious to hear opinions on what an M11 “needs.”

    • eric

      36mp, no buttons, all dials and touchscreen, and cursive leica logo back on the top plate.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Agreed about the script Leica engraving on the top plate. I’d remove the red dot from the face too. 36mp? Why not. No buttons, just touch and the existing dials? Or just one button to engage the LCD? Interesting. Touch might be too modern. But I like the no back buttons concept.

    • EnPassant

      For all cameras image sensors are what can improve a lot with new technology. In the future the limited dynamic range should be a thing of the past.

      Another big weakness of todays image sensors is that they only work perfectly with light coming at a right angle (90°) to the sensor plane. Any deviation and the light collected get less than 100%. The construction of sensors make things worse with light rays coming at an angle partly missing the individual pixels. Even though microprisms are being used to direct the light it’s far from a perfect solution.

      For M cameras it is worse as many lenses for them were constructed for film which has a different structure and therefore better can handle steep light rays.

      That is the reason Leica still is at 24MP for their sensors as sensors with more MP and smaller pixels at present can’t handle the steep light rays from many M lenses.
      Therefore the M lenses are still waiting for a sensor that let them be used at their full potential.

      A lot of promising research about image sensors are taking place in the Aalto university in Finland which may solve the problem of steep light rays using a nanostructure sensor:

    • DouglasGottlieb

      I’d like IBIS.

      • Christopher Lee

        IBIS seems like the big no-brainer, but I can see Leica being sticklers about finding a way to do it with “minimal optical impact.”

        Comparative advantage says resolution trade-offs with IBIS enabled are almost certainly worth it compared to losses caused by camera shake. Given the smart implementation of Auto ISO on the M10, it’s also not a hard sell to imagine setting a cap on shutter speeds where IBIS would be enabled (say, 1,2,4/focal length or a particular speed).

        IBIS is one of those technologies that has a near-unimpeachable cost-benefit analysis. It promotes nimble handling in the field and extends shooting envelopes pretty painlessly and transparently. My only concern would be having a way to switch it off rapidly for panning shots (or an extremely good detection algorithm; I’d prefer a toggle of some kind though).

        Hell, as a non-EVF camera, you only even need it on right as the shutter is being depressed, so the battery impact is far more marginal than what you see in TTL-EVF cameras where IBIS may be needed continuously.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Well said

  • Keith

    The 240 is the same tool it was two weeks ago. The “value” is in what images you can make with it. Unless you treat it as some sort of commodity, you shouldn’t “feel bad” about your 240 because someone else is buying one for less than you paid. I love my 240, have for several years now. I’ve gotten great use out of it. Someday I may buy an M10, or and MM, or maybe even an MM10, but that won’t diminish what I have done or can do with my 240.

    • eric

      totally agree with this. you buy a camera you love to take photos with, pure and simple. you dont buy a camera thinking and the think about how youre going to sell it off in two years so you can have the newest.

      • Andrew Gemmell

        Lots of people do! Bit like buying a new car and doing 40000miles on it and buy another new one.

        • eric

          i dont think buying/leasing/using a car is the same thing as getting a camera for high end photography. but i suppose, with that kind of philosophy, you could upgrade everything constantly…why stop at cars, why not houses, spouses, skies the limit…but for me, im not into that.

          • Andrew Gemmell

            Really? I know a lot of people who love their cars like we might love cameras. Just a different consumer product. Collecting cars vs collecting cameras!

          • eric

            not sure, i dont really collect cameras, i use them to create photographs. i suppose some people collect them but im not into that. a car will get you from point a to point b, even if only a joyride. a camera is used to create a photo not just to look at on a shelf. they have different functions to me, but to each their own.

          • Christopher Lee

            Cars depreciate though with a speed that many cameras are unlikely to match. A Leica camera isn’t like a D5 or 1DX; it’s shutter simply isn’t designed for anything more than a pretty leisurely burst (and that’s not a bad thing), which means that even an “average” quality shutter in a Leica would last substantially longer than one in a high-fps capable camera.

            This still applies if you shoot professionally, by the way; at absolute best you’re shooting the same amount of frames as you would be with a D5, and more than likely a lot less simply because of mechanical capabilities.

            Cameras obviously have moving parts that wear and need recalibration, but the shutter is more-or-less the only thing you would expect to wear out entirely and need replacing in a modern, electronically timed camera. A car, no matter how well-maintained is eventually going to have parts that fail and need overhauling.

  • can’t wait to see those M240 prices drop on the bay. First one i see at $3,000 I’m picking up.

  • eric

    anybody on here get the m10 yet? any likes? dislikes? first impressions?

    • Here are some: https://leicarumors.com/2017/01/20/weekend-readings-leica-m10-reviews-hands-on-reports-sample-photos-videos.aspx/
      A detailed review on LR is coming soon. I like everything on my M10 so far. The battery life is not as good as on the M 240 – the only disadvantage so far (I don’t care for video).

    • Contralux

      Yes, I got mine on Saturday, and I think the M10 is an improvement over the 240. The M10 is smaller and more nimble in your hand although it weighs almost as much as the 240. The viewfinder on M10 is a big improvement for me, because I use eye glasses, and longer eye relief compared to 240 is very welcome imo. Still, the 240 seemed a bit more rugged especially in the direction pad and thumb wheel. But, obviously, I don’t know if this is really the case yet. I also like the M10 for faster start-up and wake-up from power save mode.

      • eric

        cool. yeah i also like that it has a bigger viewfinder. thanks for the info.

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