Leica M10 cameras now shipping with new firmware

Some new Leica M10 cameras were shipped with firmware version (most have version It is safe to assume that a new M10 firmware will be released soon.

The only bug I saw so far in the M10 is that the status screen does not correctly display the selected exposure metering mode:

Update #1: the new firmware is rumored to be officially released next week.

Update #2: there are a few more unconfirmed bugs described in the comments section below.

Update #3 - here is the SD card error message on the Leica M10:

Via Leica M10 Camera Facebook Group

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  • another issue described by a reader:

    an error message pops up after a certain amount of shots are fired: “Attention SD card not readable”

    • cnick6

      Hehe this can be a problem with M240 too. For some reason, Leica’s are very sensitive to the formatting of the SD card. The trick is NOT to use the Windows (or Mac) OS to format it. Download SD Card Formatter 4.0 from sdcard.org and format it using that utility. The Leica seems fine after that.

      • I agree, Leica has always been sensitive to SD cards format. I think the only one that was great at formating is the Leica Q

  • eric

    do larger sd cards work on the m10? like 64gb?

    • Yes, I recently bought this 64GB card and it works fine: https://bhpho.to/2kLymcR

      • eric

        ok cool, thanks.

        • cnick6

          I purchased a Lexar 64GB UHS-2 (2000x) card for my M240P and it works great. I can’t measure it precisely but from watching the write LED it seemed slightly faster than a Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-1 card.

          • Sabin Kolarov

            I do not think any Leica M camera supports UHS-II cards. It work, but only as UHS-I e.g. slow.

          • cnick6

            Sabin, yes that’s true, but I believe the UHS-2 cards have faster memory chips internally which are required to support the higher UHS-2 transfer rates.

          • Alphageist

            If you don’t mind using the UHS-II card at speeds of a UHS-I card, then more power to you. However, UHS-I is definitively fast enough for the M10. No video and “only” 5 fps shouldn’t be a problem for UHS-I cards. Definitely not slow. 🙂

          • It supports UHS-II, although they offer no advantage at all.

    • cnick6

      The M10 is suppose to support up to a 2TB capacity SD card. It might be a year or two before we see a 2TB card. 🙂

      • eric

        2TB would be ridiculous, probably very expensive. i think its better to stay in the lower end in case your card gets damaged.

        • cnick6

          The price of the 2TB card would definitely be pretty ridiculous. Looks like Sandisk has a 1TB card already but even they warn that it’s not going to be super fast and not cheap.

      • Does it support the latest fastest speeds in SD?

        • cnick6

          Not likely. I’m sure if the M10 did support UHS-II write speeds they would have announced it.

          • Supports UHS-II Cards, but no need to use them as the speeds are completely unnecessary for the camera.

          • Where did you see that the M10 supports UHS-II Cards? Thanks!

          • Because I’m shooting with a UHS-II card in my M10. But to clarify, I didn’t mean support as in it has the extra contacts..what I meant was that the cards work, but as I said, I highly doubt the speed is supported as there is no way the M10 needs UHS-II speeds. The camera is very fast, but not fast enough to require UHS-II speed.

          • I see now, yes the cards will work but not at their rated speed. Thanks for clarifying.

        • Chris Hill

          UHS-II cards work, the speed gain is when you plug the card into a feast reader to transfer the files.

      • Les

        The 2TB limit is because SDXC cards use a Microsoft exFAT (FAT 64) file system. WindowsXP and Windows7 (32 bit) had similar drive-size limitations (which were caused by different technical issues).

    • George Burgyan

      I have a 128GB card (SanDisk Extreme Pro) that worked great in mine.

  • cnick6

    Peter, any news on a M240 series update? They haven’t released an update since April 2016 so was (hoping) an update would be released soon.

    • No, I have not heard anything.

  • Another bug (I think): you cannot name or rename the user profile after creating it.

    • You can rename your profiles. Its a menu option and works fine

      • Strange, did not work for me – as I was typing, the name of the profile was not updating with what I was typing. Not a big deal anyway.

        • maybe a bug in Im on and no problems at all renaming profiles. Just tried it again.

          • I also could not type the password in the Wi-Fi setup.

          • It works…it just appears not to. Try typing the password and selecting check mark. It works fine, just appears as if nothing is being entered. I have successfully looked into both office and home wifi network.

          • I see, I will try that. If true, they should just display ***** like any other company.

          • well, its clearly a bug. Ive reported it to Leica. Should be fixed in upcoming FW

          • Another problem that I have – my Wi-Fi network name has an underscore “_” in the name and is hidden – there is no way for me to enter this from the camera…

          • I think you will have to wait till this is fixed. Also keep in mind the camera can set up a direct network…this works well.

          • Yes, this is what I used. Thanks.

          • The big issue I have is the camera goes to sleep in the middle of transferring images. They need to recognize files transfers as activity and not sleep the camera. For now, I have setup a separate profile named WIFI that disables sleep. But the whole process is just too slow.

  • Florian

    Its not possible to copy dng via the app to another device. It just copies a jpg thumbnail. Bug or feature?

    • I say it’s not a bug, but it would be nice to be able to edit DNG files on your phone.

      • Florian

        Well, the app has been advertised as an option to “backup the dng photos on a mobile device”
        i hope that the app is not meant to push the social media thing for the m10 with the thumbnails. that would be rediculous.

      • abortabort

        Didn’t they say you could transfer DNGs quite specifically, I seem to remember that somewhere?

        • Florian

          yes, thats what they said

        • I must have missed it, but I will try to find it. Send me the link if you remember it.

          • eric

            pretty sure leica said you can transfer dng files over wifi in press release…assuming you have an iphone, you can work with raw files in photoshop etc on there devices now.

          • Jasper

            You can send DNGs, but it’s a setting you have to change in the app. It takes quite long compared to the jpg’s but besides that it works great.

          • Florian

            Can you explain where i can change this setting? I couldnt find it anywhere.

          • Menu-
            DNG to Camera Roll – turn on

          • the setting he mentioned is in the new Leica M app

      • abortabort

        Press release, also maybe DPR. Only it wasn’t working at the time of writing.

      • there are a few iOS apps that allow editing DNG…and you can copy DNG files, just enable it in the Leica M app. PhotoRaw and Camera+ both edit DNG files.

        • Yes, I tested it today and it worked for me with Lightroom Mobile.

    • eric

      leica said in press release, dng files could be transferred over wifi…assuming you have an iphone. copying the dng file already on your phone and moving it somewhere else is a different step.

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