New ThumbsUp for Leica Q Titanium (EP-SQ2) and Leica M10 (EP-MX)

Match Technical announced two new ThumbsUp models for the Leica Q Titanium and Leica M10 cameras:

ThumbsUp EP-SQ2 Titan for the Leica Q Titanium gray camera: check pricing and availability at Popflash and Leica Store Miami.

ThumbsUp EP-MX for Leica M10: check pricing and availability at Popflash.

For the M10 model Leica created their own thumb support which has a lower profile compared to the ThumbsUp and works pretty well (check pricing and availability B&H | Adorama):

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  • I have not tried the new ThumbsUp for the M10, but I do own the Leica version and I think I like it better (just based on comparing it with the pictures above).

    • YourFace

      I have to wonder if the locking mechanism was really necessary on the new Thumbsup rests. I have the original for the Q and never had any problems with it sliding off.

      • Yes, I have one on my M-E and never had a problem.

  • Keith

    It looks like the Thumbs Up has better ergonomics…I have the 240 version and wouldn’t shoot without it.

  • Tøf

    Does anyone know if the Thumbs-up for M240 still fits on the M10?

  • Any idea if the leica version is brass underneath? I have one on my Q and love how brassed it has become (even though the magnesium body hasn’t!)

    • Yes, it is. They confirmed that in one of the interviews.

      • That’s great. I don’t know that I enjoy the locking mechanism’s looks on the match technical version though I do prefer the longer throw.

  • @admin, you should show up the thumbie again….
    i bought one for my m240 and it´s still sticks without any problems since 2 years through any conditions. and it´s completely brass now because of all the sun milk i had used… it kills the dye ^^
    looks still beautiful! and you have an open flash shoe!! which i really recommend when i wanted to flash while shooting street from time to time…. so i think thats a really good alternative for many out there which did´t know that it´s existing.

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