Ebay finds: “scratched” Leica M9, custom underwater housing for Leica M240

Some interesting eBay finds: the first one is a "scratched" Leica M9 camera with "deliberately made heavy scratches on top and base plate" for that special Lenny Kravitz limited edition look.

The second eBay find for today is this custom-made underwater housing for the Leica M240 camera by The Sexton Corporation. The housing is certified for depths of 41 meters and includes a set of 3 focus and aperture rings that fit 50mm, 35mm and 21mm lenses:


There have been only a few underwater housings for Leica M cameras in the past - the one from Subal which was announced last year, then there was this one for the Leica M8 and this rare model from 1970 designed for the Leica M4 (sold in WestLicht in 2011).

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  • Heinz Richter

    An example of the M4 underwater housing for the M4 can also be seen at the Leica headquarters in Wetzlar. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50e4d1004b78f42f8f547bfc7c66eb05abb6ee012e213fc7229d10d0d2c6578f.jpg

  • 3foot1

    They should promote the distressed unit as a Lenny Kravitz one-of-a-kind prototype. Good decision by Leica to offer the Lennys in black rather than silver…

  • Bo Dez

    Brassed steel grey M9 looks so good.

  • RRDiaz

    The M9 looks like it’s from the “Freddy Krueger – Nightmare” collection with all of the slashing about. Not a subtle as Lenny Kravitz.

    • ZMWT


  • ZMWT

    What a pathetic attempt at deceiving M9 looks; that is the tragedy with digital gear — endless faking of ‘real-use’ and ‘uber-human photographic accomplishments’.

  • TwoStrayCats

    There should be a future series featuring a M9 burned to a crisp on the outside; and another where deep dents are applied to the entire body.

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