Leica’s basic financials for the past 5 years

Every German company of a certain size must release to the public some basic financial info (consolidated accounts and company's accounts). The info can be found at bundesanzeiger.de - just type "Leica Camera" in "Suchbegriff" then click on "Suchen". Here are Leica's results for the past 5 years:

Consolidated turnover:

  • 2011/12: €318.7m
  • 2012/13: €343.6m
  • 2013/14: €360.4m
  • 2014/15: €364.8m
  • 2015/16: consolidated accounts haven't been published yet

Parent company's turnover:

  • 2014/15: €276.4m
  • 2015/16: €299.5m (company's accounts were published on 23 January 2017)

Considering the steady growth and the increase in the parent company's turnover last year, we can guess the group turnover for the 2016 calendar year should be around €400m.

Thanks Mistral!

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  • eric

    looks good. i think leica is headed in the right direction. though being a smaller, more nimble, camera company will be a lot easier to navigate the overall market as it continues to shrink.

    • I am curious if the S and SL lines are profitable for them

      • eric

        yeah, that would be interesting to see. my guess is if they are profitable its not by much. but they will probably update the sl soon.

        • I think they will update the S before the SL.

          • Bo Dez

            Hi Peter, a while ago you posted an interview from Oliver Klatner saying “forthcoming S” any rumours there?

          • No, I was asked to remove the interview… maybe that was the reason. I will do another post about it, maybe it will trigger some tips (usually it does).

      • SomeoneNotImportant

        Barely. R&D of the first S haven’t paid back yet.

    • ZMWT

      Overall digital photography market of proper cameras is actually expanding. It is not ‘exploding’ at wild rates as several years ago, but is steadily consolidating.

      • eric

        thats news to me. everything i hear is the camera market is shrinking and only going to get smaller over the next decade causing prices to go way up.

  • MrWelshB

    Peter, do you get anything on the SL line development? Lenses are slow coming out and I haven’t heard anything about firmware etc let alone newer bodies. For such a remarkable camera and bold move by Leica, momentum seems to be flagging a little. I love the camera BTW, perfect with my older Leica glass and I think the zooms are great too.

    • Helge Drange

      I would think the first update will address the S-line; both with respect to higher MP count and – hopefully – permanent fix of the AF S-lens issues. Next – or at best in parallel – we can expect an upgrade of the SL-line. Surely, with the Hassey X1D and Fuji GFX out, both the S- and SL-systems need upgrades to maintain attractiveness in a steadily demanding/diminishing market.

      • MrWelshB

        I would have thought so. I met someone with the Hassy about two weeks ago. The evf is not as good as Leica, but the body was very well made, the menu system was really simple and of course there was the promise of all that resolving power. I was tempted to take a look.

    • I think it will be at least two more years until we see a refresh of the SL camera.

  • Wade Marks

    Leica gets a lot of criticism from some online, about how overpriced their cameras are, about the specs, the limited editions, etc…but they are one of the few camera companies showing a profit these days, and are actually increasing sales in a very down market. So they must be doing something right.

    By all accounts the new M10 is a big hit, so their bottom line should look even better this year.

    Kudos to Leica. They have a niche, it’s a lucrative one, and they work that niche very well.

    • Yes, they can still sell you technology from 1950’s… this is some serious skills 🙂 I like Leica as a company and have been using them for decades, but they need to improve their support/service.

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