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For your weekend reading - an update list of Leica M10 camera reviews:

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  • eric

    any news on when we’ll see more m10’s shipped? ive been waiting over a month and still not in stock.

    • Stores are getting small shipments all the time but the camera will be out of stock probably till the end of the summer.

      • SimoneDF

        How come there’s such a big shortage? Were they expecting less orders?

        • If you believe conspiracy theories, the shortage is artificial. It’s a way to show that the camera is hot and everyone wants it. This is pretty common for luxury goods. Try to buy the latest Rolex Daytonna that was announced a year ago – and Rolex makes over 1 million watches every year….

          • Mato

            Except that I might actually spend my cash with Fuji in the meantime…GFX

          • You cannot get the GFX either 🙂

          • Mato

            True 🙂

          • Them Germans and Japanese are at it again 😛

        • I’m 90% sure it has to do with logistics- Sensors maker cant keep up, leica has their own in house craftmanship that the cameras are assembled in germany, testing and QA takes time, passing the US customs is also a delay, 100% of this information is also means I have no idea what I am talking about LOL.

          • eric

            lol, they also hand make the m series so it takes a lot of time to put each part together…i cant imagine they could make more than a few a day.

        • Wade Marks

          It happens everytime a new product comes out that is in short supply relative to demand: the Q is why? Is it a conspiracy to drum up interest?

          Here are my two cents.

          First, let’s assume there is an initial surge in demand at the start, due to the new camera excitement, early adopters, etc… and then a settling in of a more steady demand curve. Especially. for a high priced niche item like this.
          No company wants to have initial manufacturing meet this surge of demand at first, and it has nothing to do with generating buzz and everything to do with manufacturing management. If Leica did ramp up dramatically at the start and put out enough cameras to meet this surge of demand, then when that surge settles down, they would be left with excess manufacturing capacity. In a few months Leica would be laying off people and shutting down manufacturing lines. Not good management. So they and others opt for a more realistic approach: having a more or less constant outflow of product, at a moderate level. It leaves them short at first, but after that it leaves them with a more realistic capacity for the majority of the product lifecycle.

          Second, no company would intentionally withhold inventory from market to fuel buzz of a hot product, if otherwise they could manufacture enough in a feasible way. Why? Because that is money left on the table. And even if someone buys the same camera a few months down the road, there is still the time value of money, which means they still have lost money. So if there were no good economic reason to not release enough cameras to meet the initial surge, then every company would do so. It would only maximize their profits. But see my first point: companies have to design their manufacturing lines to an average level of output, not the peak level seen at the beginning.

          So I don’t think there is any conspiracy, it’s just the way manufacturing works if you understand the logistics.

      • eric

        i see. i ordered from b&h and still waiting. they probably arent getting a lot right now. nice strategy i guess by leica, except that if another camera i suddenly like better comes out before i can get one, i may choose not to.

    • Mato

      I was told 3-4 months by my dealer this week…

      • eric

        wow, thats like middle of summer. i think it makes more sense to release a lot of cameras right away then pull back after a month or so. not sure if the drip, drip, approach is a good customer strategy.

      • yes, my guess is the wait will be gone by the end of the summer

    • HongKonger

      Got mine yesterday. was waiting for about 6 weeks. Originally ordered silver, but the black ones became available sooner, so the guy at Leica called me to see if I wanted to continue to wait, or change to black.

  • When all reviews are 100% positive it reminds of Russia, where no one is allowed to speak their mind. What’s wrong with this reviewing business? You know it’s absolutely impossible that everyone loves a product and sees no flaws?

    • eric

      its gotten good reviews in comparison to older versions of the m line. i dont think people are reviewing it in terms of the overall camera market. i think a discerning person can read between the lines. as many reviews have said, it feels like the best digital m yet, which is why its gotten really good reviews. nothing wrong with that.

      • Les

        Exactly. It’s an M, which is a known quantity in the camera market. Chances are if you liked previous Ms, then you will like this one even better.

        There’s really no point reviewing the M if you don’t like the whole rangefinder thing. It would be like a review of a Mexican restaurant that says “I was in the mood for sushi, so I will give it a bad review, even though it’s the best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to.”

    • EnPassant

      Okay, here comes a bad review:

      Leica M10 is an incredibly expensive camera with extremely low value considering what you get.

      Like most Leica cameras it is generations behind other camera brands.

      It still uses the outdated mechanical rangefinder focusing which needs frequent adjustments to make sure fast lenses nail focus perfectly shot wide open. Though that is not a big help with lenses suffering from focus shift at different apertures.

      Unlike most cameras it has no built-in sensor cleaning function. Neither any kind of image stabalization in body or lenses.

      The camera only offers the most basic functions and doesn’t even have a video mode.

      The shape of the camera is practically the same as the first M-camera, the more than 60 years old M3 that was based on the very similar screw mount Leicas, with first prototypes being built before the first world war!

      A modern ergonomic handgrip is therefore missing and must be bought separately. The only new addition is a small and not very comfortable thumbstop at the back.

      The only positive is the possibility to attach a modern EVF in the hot-shoe. But an EVF should of course have been built into the camera instead.

      Build quality is very nice. But what does that help when the camera is such outdated. Other old manual film cameras was also nice in build. But except for Leica moved on to more modern designs with more electronic features like auto focus.

      Image quality is also good, just as from other entry level 24MP full frame cameras. But the competition are now selling cameras with 36, 42 and 50MP sensors for half price or even less than third of the cost for a Leica M10.

      Most irritating is however the battery and card-slot. The former is small and weak and the second is only one slot not dual as we would expect for this price. But worst of all is both are located behind the bottom that must be completely removed before an exchange! Why can’t we get a solid bottom with a normal battery door and a dual card slot on the grip side of the camera just as on every other advanced and expensive camera?

      Hallo Leica! Do you know we are now in the 21st century? Second and third Reich was a long time ago! We had some development since then you know! Could you at least build a modern Leica M with a built in EVF (same as in SL) front grip with place for a bigger battery, normal card door with dual slot, no loose bottom and battery behind a door or with a bottom like on SL.

      This camera clearly cannot be recommended. Except for other Leica cameras almost every other full frame digital camera is much better value. If one wish to have a small FF camera with manual lenses one of the Sony A7 cameras combined with Voigtländer and Zeiss Loxia lenses that now are offered in 10(!), 12(!), 15, 21, 35, 50 and 85mm focal lengths with E-mount is a much better choice.

      Final Words: I want one! This is the first digital M camera my old Leica lenses are crying to be attached to! Only one “aber”. I need a €7000 sponsorship for the camera and grip! But I still think Leica should make a more modern Leica for the M lenses as I described above.

      • eric

        so after listing all the bad things you still want one? it seems like youre more hung up on the price than the performance. the majority of famous photographers have used leica’s. i think that fact speaks for itself. the m is about making photographs, not just taking pictures. if you want a more modern m, try the SL.

        • EnPassant

          Of course I do! I have a lot of Leica lenses and several M film cameras! I bought my first M camera more than 30 years ago!
          For most people €7000 for a camera is a small fortune. Especially as the value depreciate worse than for new cars.

          I could have bougth a used M9 or even M240 as they are much cheaper now. But I don’t like them as they are too thick.

          You mean the majority of famous reportage photographers in the past when Leica still was a brand pro photographers used? Most pro photographers started abandon Leica when more modern cameras with built-in metering came in the 1960’s and SLR’s took over.

          ALL cameras can make photographs! The camera is just a tool. Photos made with Leica could also have been made with another camera.

          The SL is also an interesting camera that seem be a better choice than Sony A7 for adapting older lenses. But it is as expensive as Leica and while its sensor work better with M lenses than Sony A7 it is still not as good with wide M lenses as a digital M camera.

          Just because I like the M cameras and lenses despite all its faults doesn’t mean I am a blind fanboy.

          Margaritas Ante Porcos complained about all M10 reviews being 100% positive (as they were written by fanboys).
          So I was inspired to write a 100% negative (Or maybe just 98-99% negative! But then I even forgot to mention some other limitations like only one central focus field.) review (on the specification, as I don’t own or have used a M10, but do know how M film cameras work) of the M10 as a fun exercise!

          Although everything I wrote as far as I know is correct it was never meant to be taken too serious. Especially not by fanboys!

          Those who use M cameras accept them with their limitations, as they are aware of them and even like some of them as it makes the camera more simple to use for somebody who knows how to use it.
          But for those not familiar with M cameras we shouldn’t hide all of the weaknesses of the M system.

          • eric

            im not a leica fanboy, but i agree leica’s are expensive. if they were just like every other camera nobody would buy them, so there is definitely something of value in the price tag. i dont agree all cameras are equal. if they were, nobody would spend 7k on a leica. it is distinct (rangefinder) whether people believe it or not.

            yes, many reportage photographers used leica in the past and still use leica today but plenty of fashion and high end photographers use leica today also. go to any well known studio in a big city and you will see leica’s. its not just a nostalgic tool but one top pro’s use.

            i could tell what you wrote about reviewing it was a bit of sarcasm but i think its important for other people to understand a leica m is different than other cameras. people can knock them all they want but those who shoot with them obviously do it because there is something special about it, which probably contributes to a lot of the glowing reviews.

      • Old Doc

        Thank you so much !
        I sold my M9 in order to buy a M10. But now, in the face of a 6 months waiting list, I wonder whether I rather get a nice Sony a99II …

  • tslaursen71

    You forgot this one:
    Stevehuff.com Steve wrote a really nice review 🙂

    • Oh, you mean the review where he spend several paragraphs attacking me for reporting rumors? No, I will no list it here because his reviews are crap and every camera is the best thing ever. He should stick to the paranormal bullshit he does.

      • tslaursen71

        Fair enough. I didn’t know you had a war running…

        • I did no know either until I read his review…

      • Hogarth Ferguson

        So basically he is the new Ken Rockwell?

  • Ashwin, see my other comment – I will not link to that website. You are more then welcome to do a guest post and I will publish it here. In fact, initially I did have listed Huff’s review here on LR and it was online for a few days until somebody pointed out to me several paragraphs in his review where he is attacking me because I reported M10 rumors. Steve forgets very quickly the past when we had his “magic ball” and was actively reporting rumors all the time. I do take a lot of shit online and that’s ok – it’s part of the whole “blogger” experience, but I cannot stand hypocrisy and I will not let it fly. I am not going to even mention how many times he has come to me asking me to link back to his reviews when he started his blog.

    • Brennan McKissick

      Steve Huff is a wank stain anyways. I don’t think anyone should really take his “reviews” seriously. The guest reviews are normally good but his suck.

      • I agree, few years ago he used to at least put some effort, now it’s just pictures of his son, his girlfriend and a dog. Every single time. And every new camera is the best ever and you should buy it right away. I will not even discuss the paranormal BS he does – how can people take him seriously is beyond me.

        • Brennan McKissick

          You’re guess is as good as mine. For the longest time I thought the paranormal stuff was a joke, turns out it’s serious and I can’t handle it haha. And yeah, the “The new _________ is out and let me tell you why it’s the best camera I’ve used,” stuff is ridiculous.

  • Chris Sellers

    …granted, the M10 is not for everyone. I cannot yet give it a 100%, even against the M240. I traded in my 240 for the M10 and I have no regrets (yet). Drawbacks, as mentioned by others, include a puny battery, single card slot (but both these factors are as a result of reducing the porcine dimensions of the M240!) and the daft decision to remove the time delay function from the on/off button set up – Leica claim that it is now possible to set all the camera functions without turning on the camera, simply by accessing those functions from the top plate – nearly, but not quite – the removal of the time-delay function was a mistake IMHO because it is now necessary to delve into the camera’s menu which (would you credit it?) actually involves turning on the camera after all!

    I do like the new dimensions, I do like the solid build quality, I do like the simplicity of the overall set-up and, of course, the continuing compatibility with the m lenses. While the new detachable EVF (020) is a quantum improvement over the christmas cracker joke of the previous EVF of the M240, it is not yet the real deal – try the SL EVF for how these things ought to be done. Leica seem to have made a big deal of the “vastly improved” optical range finder. Well, it isn’t “vastly improved” – my film MP has a better viewfinder than the M10 in terms of clarity and brightness, even now.

    The Leica leather protector case is a good idea and appears to be well made, keeping up with the competition such as Arte di Mano etc, but why on earth didn’t Leica make it possible to mount a tripod bracket onto the damn thing? I have to remove the leather protector, mount the tripod bracket to the camera body and, thereafter, use it on a tripod.

    The Leica – produced thumb grip is a real let down. DON’T buy it! It is poorly made, ergonomically dysfunctional and damned uncomfortable. My copy actually wobbled about in the hot shoe! I sent it back to the dealer for a refund. By far and away better (and only two thirds of the price of the Leica joke) is the Match Technical Thumbs Up (Tim Isaacs) version for the M10 – it is MUCH better made, a far better fit with much finer tolerances, looks better on the camera and is ergonomically very comfortable. Leica – you should change the supplier of this little joke item and pay more attention to quality control.

    The Gorilla Glass rear screen is NOT scratch proof by any measure! A small scratch has appeared on mine – Leica are cynical when it comes to mid-term up-grades of their M models so I expect an M10-P within a couple of years which will have sapphire crystal glass, an improved battery (maybe) and benefit from a plethora of firm-ware upgrades.

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