Handevision IBERIT lenses for Leica SL

At the 2017 CP+ show in Japan last week, Handevision had on display a new 35mm f/2.4 and 75mm f/2.4 IBERIT lenses for Leica SL mount. Currently there are already five Handevision IBERIT lenses for Leica M mount (24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm, all f/2.4) and they will all be available in SL mount as well. I believe these are the only third party lenses for the Leica SL mount available right now.

Handevision IBERIT lenses will be available in four different colors: glossy silver, matte silver, glossy black and matte black:

Handevision IBERIT lenses are available for sale at B&H and Adorama.

Via DC.watch

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  • Bo Dez

    I can’t help but feel they are going to make a killing with these. Talk about seeing a niche and opportunity and taking it.

  • ZMWT

    I also thought of same about Leica TL — it is virtually an open market that can be conquered by a smart company. Luckily, SL and TL are same mounts, so these lenses above work on TL cameras, albeit in crop mode. More such enterprises please! (Cosina, where art thou?)

  • I had a chat with CEO Zhang while on his trip in Venice, lovely person. There should be interesting things ahead for HandeVision 😉 and I wish them the best.

    • Yes, I think they are working on a tilt-shift wide angle lens for Leica M.

      • We did not talk about a tilt-shift lens, I never hit this topic. I can say that the Iberit series is the “low end”, other lenses will not be that cheap (talking about price: the overall quality of the Iberit lenses is good in my opinion). There could be also something not related to lenses, but I promised I would have said anything about it, and my mouth is sealed. 🙂
        I wish them the best luck.

        • No problem, thanks for the info. I have some info on new adapters that will post online soon. I am also very happy that there is now also a “cheap” option for M lenses with a good quality.

          • Being a less expensive alternative to Leica, Zeiss, Voigtländer lenses is in my opinion the first quality of these lenses. In this way more people can try for themseleves the rangefinder experience.
            Kipon (The big company behind HandeVision) offers a lot of products. As you wrote, there are and will be a lot f adapters: Ivan (CEO) told me the number of adapters they produce and I would never have imagined.
            Anyway, there is also a brave project, at least he would like to do that, and my hope is that he/they can bring it to light: I think many rangefinder shooters will be happy. I keep my fingers crossed.
            One question off topic: my Zeiss Ikon ZM fell and top plate cracked (I don’t think it will affect the film with light leaks), do you, or any of the readers here, know if Zeiss in Germany offers a repair service? It would be nice to have a forum session where to ask such questions when needed..

          • I really have no idea about Zeiss service. Can you contact them directly?

          • Here in Italy it seems that the company rapresenting/importing Zeiss products can’t help with these cameras. I just wrote them, hopefully they can put me in contact with the mothership in Germany: chances that they can repair it are higher over there.
            I could have the rangefinder fixed here, but I’m trying to see if I can have the camera back in its beauty.
            Thank you anyway!

          • MdB

            I would think it has to go to Cosina, the ZM Ikons are Cosina made and Zeiss branded.

          • MdB

            Suggesting they are planning to make a digital rangefinder of their own?

  • soundimageplus

    Anyone have any info as to how to get hold of these in the UK? Other than importing them.

    • Xiaoming Zhang

      pls contact OSD GmbH(Optic System Development),exclusive distributor for Europe market,joint venture company by KIPON and IB/E Optics

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