Leica M Monochrom “Silver Engrave Japan” limited edition camera spotted on eBay

A used Leica M Monochrom "Silver Engrave Japan" limited edition camera is available for sale on eBay for $6,400. This model was announced in Japan in 2014 and only 30 pieces were produced. The original price was ¥972,000 (around $8,250). The Leica M Monochrome Silver Engrave model has a Leica logo engraved on the top.

The same eBay store (M&K Kamera) also sells new Leica Sofort cameras for $255 (the US Price is $299).

Additional pictures of the Leica M Monochrom "Silver Engrave Japan" limited edition camera:

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  • eric

    anyone know if they are going to update the monochrome m at some point?

    • my guess is next year – I have not received any rumors yet

    • MdB

      Almost definitely. At which point I might have to pick up a 246.

      • eric

        just checked, the 246 is still more than the new m10! i wouldnt be surprised if they simplify the monochrome like they did with m10 but leave it at 24mp.

        • abortabort

          Well, yeah. But 246’s will come plummeting down once it’s announced 😉

          • eric

            possibly, although i think some of these newer digital m’s are going to retain there value a bit longer. may be only a few thousand less.

          • abortabort

            Which ones in particular? M 240’s where I am barely go for more than a M9.

            Second hand MM 246’s are already around $3k less than new price.

          • eric

            i didnt mean the used market, i meant older models that are still new, and sell for a lot still. a new m 240 is still near a new m10 price.

          • abortabort

            Sorry when you said ‘retain their value longer’ I thought you meant retaining value after purchase. Clearing out stock at a discount is kinda different and depends on the market. In the recent past Leica have brought out ‘dumbed down’ versions of their older cameras as a way of clearing inventory – not sure how well that goes with the 262 and 240 both being a slight reduction on the M10, but I can’t see either being hugely popular (or kind of worked for the M-E because some people still wanted CCD.

            Interesting factoid (at least where I am): the much loved M9 is increasing in value and the M 240 is decreasing, to the point where used values are getting pretty close to parity.

          • eric

            yes, i dont get the m9 fascination when compared to the m10, the colors look very similar to me. i think leica would make a new ccd camera if they thought it made a big difference but im not sure it does. plus nearly everyone uses filters or changes things in raw, so not sure the point. sometimes i wonder to if it all depends on the lens you use, like a summicron or a sumilux, youre going to get different looks.

    • From Leica’s track record, my guess is more-or-less one year after the M10-P

      • eric

        lol…based on the fact not very many people can get an m10 right now because its so in demand and backordered, i kind of doubt there will be an m10-p version anytime soon.

        • Yes, and if they include the M10 in the a la carte program with all the available options, they may not even release the M10P. The P version was introduced when digital M cameras were not part of the a la carte program, now I do not see a reason for a P model anymore.

        • Maybe next year? Think Leica 1. has limited production capacity 2. wants to keep the supply low to maintain a sustained demand.

          Guess there will be a P before the a la carte programme finally kicks in probably towards the end of the product cycle if they mean to squeeze every single penny from their loyal customers.

          Having the a la carte programme early will create unnecessary stress to their manufacturing capacity and value depreciation of the standard model. Can only afford to do so when demand is low enough.

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