Leica digest (Summilux-SL 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens review, black dot replacement for M10)

→ A set of six used Leica Summicron-C T2.0 cinema lenses listed for sale at $72,500 (full price: $90,100).

→ David Farkas has some of the best reviews on Leica gear and he just published his review of the Leica Summilux-SL 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens:

"The 50mm Summilux-SL ASPH is a formidable lens, offering sharpness at f/1.4 that is nothing short of extraordinary. Combine that detail with luscious bokeh and lovely color rendition and you have the makings of an incredible lens. Leica set out to make a statement with its first prime SL lens, and they have mostly succeeded. It’s not perfectly perfect. There is a fair amount of vignetting wide open (which I quite like), focus is on the slow side, minimum focus distance is a touch long and the lens is a bit of a beast. But if you can live with these minor shortcomings, the 50 SL will reward you with some astonishing results.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a remarkable quality high-speed lens for your Leica SL, the 50 Lux is probably the ticket."

→ Black dot replacement for Leica M10 now available for sale at MGR.

→ New Lightroom Tethered Plug-In v1.2.0.759 for Leica M, S and SL cameras released (download it here).

CW Sonderoptic announced new +.5 and a +.2 adjustments to their line of mountable diopters for Leica cinema lenses.

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  • giacomelli

    I don’t do advertising for them but if you’re searching for a black dot / logo for your M10 you can take the M7 M8 M9 items also (only the M240 dots had a different diameter), I ordered mine (with the white Leica signature) at dagcamera: http://www.dagcamera.com/store/p157/Black_Leica_Logo_for_M6-M7-M8-M9%2C_M10_%26_Q__Cameras._.html

    • superanti

      The only difference is that black old Leica logos from Dag are glossy while M10 top is matte black

  • nemo295

    Rather than defacing your pricey new camera, it makes far more sense to simply cover the red dot with black tape.

    • superanti

      It is completely reversible

      • nemo295

        As long as you don’t damage the red dot when you pry it off. It’s not made to be reversible.

        • superanti

          Please, remember that the logo is removed everytime you need your camera to be serviced and it is not easy to damage it unless you deliberately want to

          • nemo295

            The difference, of course, is that repair people are trained to do it. And they have replacement dots on-hand if it does get damaged.

          • abortabort

            And you can buy a replacement dot if you do manage to be so ham fisted as to damage it. Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean your blanket recommendation is a better idea for everyone.

          • THEFLAPDONG

            Gaffer tape is ugly and comes apart more easily.

  • Daniel Lee

    Is there a way to tether the M10?

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