Leica MP “Blue Stain” limited edition camera

A new Leica MP "Blue Stain" limited edition camera (only 10 pieces produced) is now available for sale at Meister Camera in Germany for €10,840. More pictures and additional information after the break:

Update - unboxing pictures sent by a reader:

On the occasion of the ten-year existence of the Leica Store Berlin we present a second special series of the Leica M. This time we have a Leica MP manufactured. The Leica Summilux-M 1: 1.4 / 50mm ASPH "BLUE STAIN" is limited to 20 pieces, and the cycle is now complete, as is the sister model, the Leica Monochrome "BLUE STAIN" is limited to ten copies worldwide.

The camera housing with all controls as well as the complete version of the Summilux-M 1.4 / 50mm ASPH. Are neither lacquered nor chromium-plated, but are treated with blue lacquer. Blue Stain (german: "Blaubeize") is an intermediate step in production and stretches as the carrier surface for a later painting. Instead of the varnish we sealed the blue stain two times. This gives the combination a unique look which, on the one hand, subtly underscores the tool character, but on the other hand it also gives a subtle elegance. Each of the 10 cameras has a slightly different "pickling" and is absolutely individual.

The housing cover made of glove-soft, gray full cowhide completes the set visually and haptically harmoniously.

Another highlight at the Leica MP is the black frame counter with red engravings. There were only a few, very early black-painted Leica M3 housings, which were black-insulated.

This edition is also a tribute to the city of Berlin. By renouncing any color design in the engravings of the camera and the lens, a habitus which seemed almost unfinished at first glance was created, which forms an optical bridge to the constantly changing and further developing metropolis of Berlin.


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  • eric

    im glad they had time to make this but not more leica m10’s for launch…not sure i like the finish

    • Les

      There are only 20 of these, I doubt it set back M10 production by a noticeable amount.

  • YourFace

    what strap is that? looks so good…

  • J.Coi

    There are no white letters. That is very beautiful. Except for on the lens front, they add white letters. I don’t understand this decision.

  • Ed

    So, you can’t read the markings on the lens or the frame counter on the camera. Great. Definitely worth the up charge.
    All 10 will sit in some collector’s drawers in Kowloon for the next 10 years and then show up on eBay. The seller can then toast his good fortune with a glass of 1979 Chateau Lafitte and Coca Cola!

  • 3foot1

    What is this “pickling” of which they speak? The finish looks uniformly gray to me — an elegant gray, to be sure — but uniform.

  • Bo Dez

    Ah that is stunning. i wish they made all Leica M models in this finish.

    • I agree, one of the best looking limited editions I have seen in a while. The price is not bad either compared to other limited editions in the past.

  • Laud Farter

    When I saw “blue stain” I thought it was the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky commemorative edition. I feel your pain–now get on your knees Monica!

  • Brett Price

    Anyone know if the slide on metal cap for the 50 ASPH is available separately?

  • kkd

    I do love that black frame counter.

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