Breaking: Leica Noctilux M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens to be announced later this year

A new Leica Noctilux M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens is gong to be announced later this year according to the Japanese website Nokishita who has a good record on reporting upcoming products. Stay tuned for details.

Leica already produced a Summilux-M 75mm f/1.4 lens in the past (the lens is already discontinued).

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  • Mistral75

    There is also a new camera in the pipeline, code named 5370.

  • Yan

    I prefer a 35cron APO

    • eric

      must be popular right now, i see its backordered on a few sites.

      • WAIT is there such a thing? 35APO ?

        • eric

          lol, i was thinking of the 35 asph when i read that…but you’re right im not sure if there is a 35apo. im pretty sure there is a 50mm apo though.

  • Mistral75

    There is something a bit odd in the rumour published by Nokishita Camera.

    Their source says that an unpublished Leica document mentions the “NOCTILUX-M 75”. They further say that’s its unclear whether this is about a limited edition of the current Noctilux or a lens with a focal length of 75mm but, if the latter, this lens will be the “NOCTILUX-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH.”

    How can they be so specific about the max. aperture?

    Does anyone know of any lens patent or patent application from Leica, Panasonic or Konica Minolta with a 75mm f/1.25 among the examples?

    • In general I have not seen many Leica patents over the years.

    • Jeff Bridges

      My guess is they got the aperture number from the old 75mm Summilux design.
      That lens was based on the 50mm f1.0 Noctilux.
      The slightly longer focal length changed the f stop to a 1.4.
      If the current 50mm f0.95 Noctilux was changed to a 75mm it could move the f stop to f1.2
      We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Maybe it’s typo and they really meant “NOCTILUX-M 0.75”
        One can only wish LOL.

  • Kev

    Great. Maybe the price for a used 1.4 will come down. *Rolls eyes*

    • Bo Dez

      I think it will go up. The difference between 1.4 and 1.25 is not much at all.

  • Bill

    75mm 1.25 sounds boring. People would buy 50 0.95 before they buy 75 1.25. I don’t know how popular the lens will be. I think if Leica working on 35 1.4 APO would sound more exciting.

  • Bo Dez

    What????!!! The only words I can find are – I’m buying it!

  • Licheus

    Won’t need to worry about not being able to afford one of these, as I’ve disabled the 75mm frame lines in all my Ms long ago.

  • ZMWT

    Where are the comments?

    • Give it a few minutes to re-such, I switch to a new server over the weekend.


        Where are the comments!? I need the comments!

        • All comments are restored already.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I’ll barely be able to afford the RENTAL cost of this 75mm Noctilux but it will become a nice dream. And I’ll enjoy living vicariously through Matt Osbourne’s shots on Flickr and Thorsten’s review, scarf not withstanding. 😉

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