Last chance to buy the Leica M Edition 60 limited edition camera set

The Leica M Edition 60 limited edition camera set is already sold out at most Leica stores. The Leica Boutique Montréal still has one in stock and until April 30th they have dropped the price to 17,775 CAD (around 13,300 USD). The original US price at launch was 18,500 USD.

The Leica M Edition 60 limited edition set was introduced in 2014 and consists of a Leica M-P digital camera (Type 240) and Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, both created by Audi Design. This was the first Leica digital camera without a LCD screen.

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  • eric

    i dont really get the whole no digital screen on the back thing. i mean one of the perks of digital photography is being able to see what you shot instantaneously. otherwise, might as well shoot film.

    • ZMWT

      That’s the point. To bring back film experience, which forces the photographer to be more careful, and attentive.

      • eric

        then why not just shoot film? there is a myth that in the height of the film era, people only took one shot. nope. people made contact sheets, took many photos of the same pose or scene, so when they went to develop and make a print they’d hopefully have at least one good one. I know because I grew up shooting film.

    • tthorne

      That may be a perk for you, but there are other perks to digital as well, such as not needing to break out the soup or send your film out. There are plenty of perks that are retained by a digital camera without a screen. I shot for a year on the M-D and loved the experience. Now i have an M10 and I simply turn off preview like I do on all my cameras, so I never really missed the LCD when I didn’t have it, but I loved the analog ISO dial. Now with the M10, I can have both…

      • ZMWT

        All digital cameras have an LCD. This one, which is an exception, proves the rule.

      • eric

        i mean do whatever you want. look at your photos or dont. but as a pro I prefer to look at my photos. of course there are many more perks to digital than just having a screen. my point was I think its pointless not to have a screen. maybe if the no-screen model had instant wifi, that would upload photos to your device when you took them it would make sense, otherwise I don’t get. if you’ve ever been shooting somewhere and don’t have a laptop handy, it’s nice to know you got a shot. that peace of mind is priceless to me.

        • tthorne

          Thats an interesting perspective, because “as a pro” I know when I got the shot or when I need a follow up, and that is even more so with rangefinder window where you have no black out. There is really nothing the the LCD can tell me that i don’t already know. Exposure, Focus, DOF… None of that is in question. I use the Leica M for all of my street photography and everything personal.

          Don’t get me wrong, I use a Phase IQ3100 on a view camera with large format lenses for my architecture and portrait work, and for the architecture I tend to shoot tethered to a laptop. But on the street with an M, there is no time, in my opinion, to look at an LCD. If I need to check the LCD, then chances are I am better off looking for that follow up shot instead as moments are fleeting…

          Really no different than shooting with a film M, which I still do as well. But as someone who develops his own film, I appreciate the ease of the digital workflow.

          Having a screen doesn’t bother me of course, but as I do not really use it, the M-D’s analog ISO dial was much more useful to me, rendering it’s replacement with an LCD pointless. In M10 land, I have the best of both worlds. An analog ISO dial and an LCD that has never been used.

          As a pro…

          • DerekLee

            You both sound like pretentious, butt sniffing snobs who instead of making great art, rather waste time arguing with each other about the tools to make art. Leica has created a whole generation of “photographers” who think they’re artists simply because they overspent on a camera. And instead of sharing their work, they argue gear. True artists don’t do that, and they especially don’t criticize each other about it. Be nice you fucking snobish fucks.

          • tthorne

            How cliche. Not only a keyboard tough guy slinging insults on the internet but a guy browsing a rumor site for camera gear, commenting on a rumor site for camera gear in order to lecture others on how they are not real artists because of a conversation they are having on the same camera rumor site in the very same conversation that you have now engaged in… Define hypocrisy….

            You think you sit on some moral high ground? How about telling people people how they feel about themselves and their motivations based on what you perceive as overspending on a camera. How do you know what people do during the day for work when they are not taking the 2 minutes it takes to write a post on an internet site?

            Is it that you are clairvoyant, that you like to assume, or simply that you are virtue signaling to comfort yourself? I am guessing the latter for obvious reasons.

            All of your posts have been anti-Leica rhetoric, and it is obvious you have an axe to grind. Perhaps if you spent more time being the artist and the photographer that you think you know so much about and less time virtue signaling, then you wouldn’t be so bent on the price of certain gear and the people who enjoy using it. I am a full time working photographer with a family and children, and I have no issue with the price I pay for my equipment or the price anyone else pays for theirs. I guess my photography is doing just fine.

            But seriously Mr. Artist, show us some of your very meaningful work that you do when since you don’t spend time on gear sites or engage in their comment sections. Oh wait…

  • andre_

    Currently, one can buy the M60 edition with a big discount in many shops. Apparently Leica didn’t sell all the small production (and later kill the M60 for non-collection use with the cheaper M-D).
    I really don’t see the point to buy the set now.

  • Stina

    This post is not at all news or a rumor. It’s just advertising for the shop that wants to sell the camera. It should have been published in the advertising column to the right.

    • no, this is a price drop/deal which I usually report on the blog

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