7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M-mount now available for sale in Europe

Several readers have asked me where they can purchase the 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens for Leica M-mount in Europe. Amazon Germany and Amazon UK now both have the lens listed in stock on their websites:

In the US the lens is available at Amazon and eBay.
Additional information on the 7Artisans 50mm f/1.1 lens can be found here.

Here is a quick update from a reader:

I received my lens yesterday.  I wanted to describe the actual lens for the benefit of the readers...
The lens came by DHL in abut a week after ordering through Amazon US.  There was no duty collected. The lens is 6 bit coded as the F1.0 Noctilux.  No lens hood was included.  Fit and finish look excellent.  There are included instructions to calibrate the lens and the rangefinder to your camera. (You loosen screws, rotate the focusing helix, tighten the screws.) This is required only for use on M cameras.  Lens appears to be coated. The rotational distance to go from Infinity to .7 meters is less than 90 degrees.  I would have preferred more for a lens with very thin DOF.  have not shot the lens yet, so no comments on image quality.

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  • Fiatlux

    I see that in both cases, the Amazon marketplace seller is Emgreat, which is based in (and presumably sends from) China. If this means customs clearing charges and VAT, you can count on approximately 30% extra…

    • FountainHead

      Sometimes Asian stores han help you with the declared value.
      Doesn’t hurt to ask.

    • VoytekBiroshak

      Clicking through it states “Dispatched from China” for both sellers currently selling on Amazon and it takes a few weeks. If the lens is popular they may will begin holding stock in EU Warehouses.

      Worth nothing the price is also significantly different:
      £349 / €399 on Amazon (.co.uk / .de)
      £290 / $369 on eBay (.co.uk / .com)

      Although I suspect this might be an error rather than deliberate.

      I doubt these Amazon sellers are pre-paying / collecting VAT – so you are still better off buying from eBay (I’ve found these sellers eBay will likely grossly under declare the customs value, even without you asking them to, so this may be an issue for buyers in Germany)

      • I have the feeling the price will go up, especially if the image quality is good.

        • VoytekBiroshak

          Agreed, I suspect it’s better than the Canon 50mm F/1.2 LTM, and perhaps even close to or matching the performance of the Voigtlander (I owned this lens and the quirks of the 7Artisans look very similar, but we shall see). If that’s the case there might be a price jump which would likely be justified by making a ‘Version II”.

          For now I genuinely think the Amazon pricing is either a mistake, in preparation for selling from EU warehouses, or is actually designed to deceive people that they are ordering from within Europe.

          Either way it looks like if you order from UK or German Amazon you’ll pay much more and it’s also very likely you will get hit up for import duties & taxes (it’s worth nothing on Amazon,com, also coming from China, the lens is priced at $369). But perhaps the seller will see this and amend it!

  • JonEval

    Any news about performance? Is it comparable with other budget fast 50′ like the Canon 50 1.4 ltm and Jupiter 3?

  • soundimageplus

    Mine has just cleared customs, I bought from Amazon US before it became available here in the UK. I should have it in a day or day and I’ll try and get some samples available ASAP so the quality can be checked.

    • thanks, I still don’t have a shipping confirmation for mine

  • J.R.H. Law

    Mine arrived today. It is pretty chintzy in build, has no aperture click stops, and the finish is vaguely dirty. That being said, it seems to perform surprisingly well wide open (aka lots of glow but not as bad as as a Diana lens). It does actually increase shutter speed by 2/3 stop over the Voigtlander 40mm and a Zeiss Planar 50/1.4 ZE. It came with some interesting instructions on adjusting the focus coupling cam.

    Ask me anything…

    • My main concern is if the lens is calibrated correctly – this is important at f/1.1. I really don’t care about the finish at that price point and based on what I’ve seen online already the image quality seems to be better than expected. If you have some sample photos online, please post s link. I have not received mine yet.

    • VoytekBiroshak

      Interesting about the no aperture clicks, does your copy also not have the f/11 engraving as in the images?

      I’ve now been reminded that my SLR Magic HyperPrime 50mm T/0.95 (which I am extremely happy with by the way, amazing lens) also omits the F/11 engraving – so I’m curious if there’s possibly some cross over in development of these lenses (same factory perhaps, or same diaphragm design, etc).

      In reality the HyperPrime’s only major flaw was that it had some RF focus issues and each lens seemingly needed calibration to specific cameras as the tolerances at T/0.95 were smaller than even Leica was working with. SLR Magic have in the end been quite good with dealing with this despite it being beyond their resources as a small company – they even happily offered to calibrate the secondhand copy I bought when I asked.

      At F/1.1 it’s a bit easier to get tolerances correct – but it also seems to be sorted with this design allowing the user to calibrate the lens themselves. Of course a cost saving exercise also – and not such a big deal for most if you are only spending $350. Also a cost saving featuring for the user going forward as the most common issue with fast Leica glass is the focus needs to be re-calibrated after a knock.

  • Tiago Cardoso
  • Another comment from a reader who just got his lens:

    I received my lens yesterday. I wanted to describe the actual lens for the benefit of the readers…
    The lens came by DHL in about a week after ordering through Amazon US. There was no duty collected. The lens is 6 bit coded as the F1.0 Noctilux. No lens hood was included. Fit and finish look excellent. There are included instructions to calibrate the lens and the rangefinder to your camera. ( You loosen screws, rotate the focusing helix, tighten the screws.) This is required only for use on M cameras. Lens appears to be coated. The rotational distance to go from Infinity to .7 meters is less than 90 degrees. I would have preferred more for a lens with very thin DOF. have not shot the lens yet, so no comments on image quality.

  • soundimageplus

    I received my lens today and the focusing ring became detached from the lens within minutes!! So I can’t even focus the lens. This is very poor and I obviously got sent a faulty lens. I’m not impressed and all I can say is that quality control is obviously an issue here. As you might imagine I shall not be reviewing the lens. Be Warned!!

    • yes, QC was my initial concern – if you get a good copy, the lens seems to be a decent option considering the price

    • ZMWT

      Well, you get what you pay for.

      • soundimageplus

        Well not always. I’ve actually had this before on another lens. That was a Leica M 90mm f/2.4 Summarit which had to go back to Leica and be repaired under warranty.

        • True, my Summilux had dust/paint inside from the first day I got it. Not a big deal, but still.

  • Mine just arrived. Smaller and lighter than the Voigtlander, definitely not a clone of it. Clickless aperture, which I wasn’t expecting.
    Mine WILL NOT FOCUS TO INFINITY, so it seems that quality control is extremely poor.

    • And it comes 6-bit coded. Will try and calibrate the lens per included instructions tonight.

    • soundimageplus

      That’s how mine started and eventually the focus ring became detached from the lens. Take care that doesn’t happen with you.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      Hi try pushing it a bit to infinity, after a few goes it reaches it fine, at least that’s what happened with mine

      • Same, I just worked it a bit and it loosened up and hits the infinity stop now.

  • VoytekBiroshak

    So my lens finally arrived today, after just under a week in transit to the UK. I bought it from eBay (seller: sourcearea) and actually got a bit knocked off the price using the ‘best offer’ system. Here are my impressions of my copy:

    The lens was perfectly calibrated out of the box, and quick test shots indicate it hits focus at f/1.1 (serial is: 650351 – in black). As reported elsewhere it’s very sharp in the centre even at this aperture. Bokeh at f/1.1 looks smooth and to my eye very nice (but this is subjective)

    Focus is buttery smooth with just the right level of resistance, aperture is de-clicked and mine is a bit rougher and stiffer in comparison to focus but this isn’t much to complain about and already has seemed to have started to resolve itself through use. Lens also has very nice ergonomics, focus and aperture have well designed grip patterns and are well defined from one another. Size and weight are great, it’s noticeably smaller and lighter than the Voigtlander f/1.1 – I could certainly see myself using this as a carry around lens or something I would pack when travelling (unlike weightier options)

    it mounted firmly but perfectly to a M10, M6 plus the various Leica M adapters I have – it did this as well as any Leica or Voigtlander lens I’ve owned.

    My copy was spotlessly clean and overall I am impressed by the whole package and presentation. Push on metal lens cap is a nice touch, however the branding on the cap is screen printed rather than engraved (perhaps a plus for some buyers). The engravings on the lens itself are a lot finer and much more well done than on the SLR Magic HyperPrime 50 T/0.95, the font choice is better too. Black finish seems to be a metal coating or treatment and not paint, the fill paint on the engravings looks very good. I would say all these aspects are comparable to the quality of the Cosina Voigtlander lenses I have owned.

    I was worried this would feel like a prototype, like the SLR Magic Hyperprime, but it really feels like a finished and well thought out product – and a lens I would feel like using or packing with me.

    Haven’t done any IQ tests, I would say from the first shots my copy is capable of shots consistent with what’s seen in the images on the Chinese discussion forums – and I would agree with the points raised in the tests posted here by J.R.H. Law. So as such I think it’s a steal of a lens for $350.

    • thanks for the update!

  • soundimageplus

    The company that exports these lenses from China, asked me to shoot a video showing what was wrong with my lens. Here is the YouTube link.

    • Very strange, so the focusing ring basically gets disconnected.

    • VoytekBiroshak

      care to share the serial number? Or vaguely anonymised serial (last digit removed)?
      Curious of the prevalence of issues but also would like to build a picture of how many of these lenses were produced in their first batch (I seem to have the 351st lens produced as the first two digits in the serial seem arbitrary)

      • My serial is 650504, just got it today.

  • VoytekBiroshak

    some more images appeared on Flickr (shot with an M9):

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    Mine came today I’m staggered by it on my M 262, mounts and clicks smoothly, optically beyond anything Id hoped for, focussing spot on out of the box, as last post focussing and aperture are smoother after a few turns this is the bargain of the moment I’m wondering wether to buy another already. Some guy on youtube says an early one wont mount on his film M4 but this seems the only camera affected. I couldnt recommend this higher. It also looks amazing. I currently like this as much as my leica lenses. So happy!

    • Thanks, I agree with you – I took some test shots yesterday and everything looks good so far. I need to buy an ND filter and a lens hood.

  • dannybuoy

    Mine arrived today. It’s a very impressive package for the money. Seeing as it’s a fraction of the cost of my Lux 50mm. Yes, I have a Lux 50mm and I still ordered on of these. Crazy huh. Just fancied something a little less clinical and something to experiment with. It’s pretty sharp but has a fair amount of glow around highlights. I quite like this effect in the right situation. So far I’d say this is a bargain for the cash. Mine hasn’t fallen apart just yet! Not really had a proper chance to put it through its paces. Will do this weekend. Anyway. He’s a quick shot I took out in the rain earlier. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96d960f809d43b39dac26e5ee892b3374cd486cef5a185c998247bc395e4d36e.jpg

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