The sound of the new Leica TL2 camera shutter (official announcement on July 10th)

This just in from Leica Camera - the sound of the new Leica TL2 camera shutter. The official announcement will take place on July 10th:

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  • Luis Paris

    A very peculiar announcement… I agree shutter sound is part of the photo-taking experience, but it would have never occurred to me to use it as a marketing tool.

    Allow me to offer a crazy idea: The shutter sound is very retro, right? So, what if this meant the EVF we have all been waiting for is actually a rangefinder? (Also a retro-ish feature.) Somehow it doesn’t sound too far-fetched, considering other products Leica has launched in the past.

    If hypothetical was real, it would be welcomed on my end.

    • Yes, a strange teaser for a new camera – something that will better fit a new Leica M and not the TL2. I would imagine that they advertise no sound at all coming from the TL2, just like the Sony a9. Maybe they changed the entire concept of the TL line? Someone out there has the answers 🙂

      • 9 oz. 5 in.

        Same impression here. I didn’t sound like TL. But it sounds very metallic as well. Like Luis pointed I bet on EVF+RF. 🙂

        • Few people said no EVF in the TL2, that’s why I think optical or maybe hybrid like the Fuji X100?

          • John-F

            It could be hybrid (OVF + EVF) as in the X100. But, the X100 also has a between the lens Central (Leaf) Shutter. Could the sound be a new leaf shutter (i.e. fixed lens a la X100?).

            Then again, it could also be the sound of the shutter + mirror in a reflex camera. The TL2, a new SLR camera, or a new mirrorless camera with EVF? What do you think.

            I just hope it comes with 4K. Please ….

          • I seriously doubt a mirror in a reflex camera unless they are releasing a new S camera as well.

          • totally right, and mirror reflex is dying in my opinion. it´s just a matter of time 😀

      • eric

        i hope they never put evf in an M. the optical view finder is a part of its dna.

  • Brett Davis

    Sounds like a stapler.

    • Lol 🙂

    • Sure does and most likely the most expensive stapler you’ve ever considered. Now, if I ever purchase this camera I’ll never be able to get that ‘stapler’ sound out of my mind.

    • It’s like the auto staplers…

      • Brett Davis

        Maybe it has a stapler built in. Just the thing for the office! Those extra millimeters in height could accommodate a small stapler, vs. an EVF, perhaps.

  • TomV

    I’m guessing a camera with a full electronic shutter and this sound is the simulated shutter sound just to demonstrate the sound to reassure people who need the sound.

    • John-F

      The TL2 would have both the traditional electro-mechanical shutter and a new all electronic (solid state – no moving parts) e-shutter, similar (but hopefully better) than that of the S… A9
      Interesting …

      But we still want EVF -;)

  • dannybuoy

    Now, someone make a cheeky dance track with it

  • Mistral75

    The burst rate is impressive :P.

  • eric

    Reminds me of a studio photo shoot…click, click, click

  • Quiet. Of course, one of my last film SLRs was a Contax 167MT, so everything seems quiet to me. I’m really happy with the picture quality coming from my T, by the way.

  • ZMWT

    Wait a minute: where Leica states it is the TL2 shutter sound? They only wrote “That sound will change your life”. No mention of any specific camera. That can be the sound of an all new rangefinder / whatever else camera that comes out together with updated TL.

    • Yes, it could be – we all just assumed that still the TL2 is so close to announcement. This could very well be for a new S camera.

      • ZMWT

        From where they source 3:2 MF sensor? Leica’s trademark is 3:2, the lenses, flashes etc. all work for that format. Or will they simply opt for 50MP 4:3 sensor from Sony (Used in Fuji GX) and then crop the image?

        • I have really no clue.

      • ZMWT

        Did you hear that sound again; no mirror slap. Whatever it is, it has no mirror. If it is new S, then there is no mirror in it. Just a thought …

        • Yes, I think you are correct

  • AvaloCombap

    Any masochist who enjoys this shutter sound should have his / her head examined by a professional psychiatrist. Suggest listening to the shutter of the Sony A9, with the electronic shutter enabled and sound turned off. You could shoot 20 frames / second in TOTAL silence in a theater, hospital, temple, church, museum, and wherever it’s important to be quiet.

  • Paul

    That’s the sound I make when I sneeze.

  • eric

    One thing nobodies mentioned is the possibility Leica release a new analog M version…I could see them doing that because the market for film has been picking up and retro is cool right now.

  • Bo Dez

    Strange! But the Leica tweet doesn’t mention it’s the shutter.

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