Additional Leica TL2 camera details *UPDATED*

I received some additional information on the upcoming Leica TL2 mirrorless camera (updated July 7th):

  • Very similar to the T and TL design
  • No EVF
  • Very fast everything
  • New 24MP sensor
  • No flash
  • Max ISO: 50,000
  • 4K video
  • New customizable interface with more selections and options
  • The edges of the body are now smoother compared to the T and TL
  • The official announcement will be on or around July 10th
  • The Leica TL2 will use the same Visoflex as the M10
  • The CNC machining of the camera is slightly modified from the T/TL as the edges are chamfered to reduce the "normal-angle" sharp edging of the previous models. This chamfering stops about half an inch short of the hot-shoe from both sides.
  • Leica may announce a new lens for TL system
  • Price: around 2,000 EUR/USD/GBP

Like the new Leica TL2 Facebook page for a more detailed coverage.

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  • eric

    is this last camera that leica is going to release this year?

      • Leica is doing great because it dares to innovate!

        That even rhymes … LOL.

        But your answer doesn’t really respond to his question, is this the last Leica introduction this year? A much-improved M and a far more interesting TL might be all Leica needs to have a bumper year.

        • I think his question was for the TL2 being the last camera they ever announce because they will go out of business – this is why I responded that way. Otherwise I already said that I expect one more Leica camera in 2017 but I have no idea what it will be.

          • He did say “this year”, not “ever”. So that implies that even he admits Leica will survive the year.

            Well, let’s look at the lineup together.

            What I suspect is the most profitable part of their lineup is doing just fine:

            M – We have a just-updated M that’s getting rave reviews.
            TL2 – It’s brand new less than a week from now.
            Q – Still intermittently out of stock, highly popular.

            SL – Could use an update, and price decrease indicates possibility. However, most SL owners seem happy without one. With the TL2 coming I think the price update might be an adjustment to retain competitiveness with the TL2’s 4K video ability. That’s where the timing makes a lot of sense. It’s just a pity they can’t have a one-two punch of SL2 and TL2 with newly introduced sensors, like Nikon did with the D3/D300 and D5/D500.

            Here’s what I think really could use updates:

            X – Seriously needs updating, but I think they could transition customers to the TL.
            X-U – Nobody has anything like it, so probably doesn’t need an update.
            S – Seriously needs updating
            Rebranded Panasonic cameras – Does anyone still buy them?

            So on the face of it, either the X, S or rebranded Panasonic cameras would seem to need updating the most.

            My money would be on the S since they are receiving tough competition from the Hasselblad and Fuji entries.

          • My bet is on a new X, unless they decide to kill that product line and replace it by the new TL2.

          • Yes, my sense is that they have done their huge update for the year in the M and so it would be more likely to see the X as a relatively minor update. Updating the S or SL would be a much bigger task.

            When you are me and a big Leica and Apple fan, it’s worth remembering that Leica’s gross sales are most likely far less than Apple’s R&D expenditures. That is, Apple’s R&D expenditures specifically devoted to the camera of the new iPhone. Ouch.

            (Update: Leica’s gross sales about $414m, Apple’s annual R&D $10 billion. I would not be surprised if a pretty large portion of that is exclusive to iPhone and a fairly hefty share of that is devoted to iPhone’s camera. So Apple’s research and development on iPhone’s camera alone probably does exceed Leica’s gross revenues!)

          • I think it is too early for a new SL. But they may replace the X with a TL2 attached to a compact prime lens it is not much bigger in size.

          • My guess is a new medium format to replace the S and to compete with Fuji/Blads new MF.

          • abortabort

            Global shutter doesn’t make a sound.

          • Thats right, no shutter/mirror slap. 😀

          • the Q announcement was in june 2015 i guess…it would be insane if they would replace it. but i´m happy for any new leica on the market, and if the price drops on the 116, i can buy one for my wife and loan it a lot^^
            and i can´t wait for the new S. even if i´m on phase one now for a proper shooting, but i would think about changing back, if they improve it a little. the lens line on the S is just epic. love those glasses.

      • eric

        no i meant, is the TL2 the last rumored camera to be released this year? or do they have something for fall too?

        • Oh sorry, I was told there will be two new Leica cameras this year but I have no idea what the second camera will be.

          • eric

            Cool. I hope it’s a new X or then something we haven’t seen before. It seems like better timing to release a new SL or Q later next year after the M has been out awhile.

          • abortabort

            Guessing it will be TL2 and a new X based on the same sensor (that would be VERY interesting). The old X was very good, but the new sensor is a considerable improvement in performance.

  • Daryl

    Peter, is there any info on the add-on evf. When the T was announced it was the first with the 020 and later adopted by the M10, curious if they will update this, maybe matching the SL viewfinder specs?

    • I was told no EVF, not sure about external.

  • I wonder if this is a big part of the reason for the SL price decrease, because a TL with 4K video, smaller and lighter than the SL, and using the high-quality TL glass, would be really interesting to me. I will be watching closely on July 10th!

    I would like an EVF for the same reason I use the EVF on my Q heavily. But I still have a lot of difficulty with keeping bright sunlight out of the Q EVF so I can get a clear view of my image. (I wear glasses which is probably most of the problem here.) Maybe more brightness on the LCD would be just as effective for me if they can somehow limit glare.

    • I am traveling on that date… I will try to do my coverage from my phone.

    • abortabort

      While the SL sensor is certainly decent, the Sony sensor that this will be using is probably not ‘that’ far behind. So this new TL will actually be rather interesting, especially with decent 4K (assuming it has it), it will also likely have on sensor PDAF.

      This is making the assumption that this sensor is from Sony, but it seems likely given that the previous T, TL and X series have all used them.

      • Nathan Wright

        The SL keeps up pretty damn well. The GFX turns purple faster than the SL but keeps noise below it.

        The SL bands but in terms of noise, is pretty impressive.

        • abortabort

          Doesn’t look much better than the X-T2 or A6500 (using the (likely) same sensor, more or less). Have a look at comparison tools (I can link DPR if need be). Looks well behind the best FF sensors and as mentioned still bands. It’s decent, but hardly at the top of 135 format. Top APS-C will be knocking at it’s door.

          • Nathan Wright

            It certainly is behind the D750, but not so bad. When the X Pro 1 came out, it was knocking seriously in then-current FF noise patterns and performance. But today the X Pro 2 is far behind. The SL clearly between the two. It’s JPEG performance is pitiful but RAW is in a league between the best APSC and best FF, or lower to middle of the FF pack.

            If only it has reliable AF. I’d love for the next TL to have PDAF and for then next SL to bring that to the full size body.

          • abortabort

            I would definitely not say ‘far behind’. It is at most 1/2 a stop behind the SL, same as the A6500. The TL on the other hand was way behind the SL.

            It’s pretty likely that it will have PDAF… Unless they go to another manufacturer for the series.

          • Nathan Wright

            I’d love for leica to go PDAF. That and the tracking array really are embarrassing. If they fixed autofocus they’d pretty much have an unstoppable camera. But the platform would have to improve.

            And the pro service.

          • Les

            I doubt the TL2 will fall under the “pro” division, so why would “pro service” be an issue?

      • It might be better for simply being a new design. I know the M10 sensor is a bit better in low light than the SL’s and we might continue that progression. We will find out soon enough …

        • abortabort

          Well they are around the same ‘age’ (at least in a shipping product). The M10 from what I know is the same, with a slightly different processing and colour response.

  • ZMWT

    As for the sound; did you hear that sound again? No mirror slap. Whatever it is, it has no mirror. If it is new S, then there is no mirror in it. Just a thought … Leica may be going totally mirrorless in all camera lineups.

    • abortabort

      A bit of a stretch given that the S is the only part of their lineup that has ever had a mirror. The only other being the much discontinued R series. The TL, SL, M, X, Q, Digilux etc are all mirrorless.

      • ZMWT

        So it is exactly what I wrote; Leica going totally mirrorless.

        • abortabort

          And you know that because?

  • Sounds like a Global Shutter 😀

    • abortabort

      I doubt that, given this is almost certainly the same sensor as the X-T2 (Sony sensor, but with Bayer array).

      • ZMWT

        That was not a sound from the TL2 camera. It was the sound from an all new camera.

        • Exactly, it might even be a Leaf Shutter too. Leica is low key about their legendary low vibration in their shutters it’s like a natural IS.

          • abortabort

            Does that sound like a leaf shutter to you?

          • Definitely not LOL im all hype dont take me too serious. But there is a good chance it can be a global. but one can only hope.

      • WHAT? their sensors are by Sony no way : ( Can you source the links on this info???

  • Haozhe Xu

    Will there be a new x-vario with newer sensor and features?

    • Tim Rule


  • robert

    I’m a big fan of the Summicron-T 23/2. I use it quite often on my T and always get good results. It will be great if it can be used on a camera with faster focus.

  • 2up

    Shooting video without an EVF? That’s so retro…lol

    • Paul

      To be fair the rumour is no built in EVF. It doesn’t say no live view. You can always add one as an accessory, or use the screen.

  • Markus

    no IS?…. 🙁

  • Tim Rule

    I’m trying to imagine how “that sound” is going to change my life, based on the list of rumors? Is there something else to the camera, something from the Huawei partnership perhaps?


    So this is more of a ‘point and shoot’ body, and Leica will have EVF and OVF with their M series, SL and so on. Without an EVF this will not be that applealing.

  • John-F

    Question to Admin:
    Since it appears that the new Leica TL2 will not include an integrated EVF, what are the odds of a new higher resolution accessory EVF to replace the current Leica Visoflex (Typ 020)? A new Leica Visoflex based on the EVF found in the Leica Q would be great.

    About the (possible) 4K video, dear Leica, please include DETAILED specs for the video side of the TL2. Does it internally support 4:2:2 8-bit or only 4:2:0 8-bit? Can we connect an external recorder (z.b. Atomos) to the TL2 via HDMI? Can we record up to 4:2:2 10-bit with such an external recorder? What are the bit-rates for each modes, 100 Mbps or higher? Which Codec is used? And will the new Leica TL2 support SD UHS II ?

    Thank you

    • Les

      We won’t know the official specs until the official announcement from Leica.

      That being said, I would not expect a higher resolution viewfinder, given that the M10 was just released and uses the same EVF as the TL.

      I suspect that video formats will match the SL: 4:2:0 8-bit internal, 4:2:2 10-bit over HDMI. The codec will depend on your HDMI recorder. They may not offer DCI 4K, but rather UHD; that only matters if you are shooting anamorphic or cropped widescreen (for example, 2:1 rather than 16:9).

    • See the updated post – The Leica TL2 will use the same Visoflex as the M10
      Read more:


    At least Leica should update their visoflex 020, higher resolution, maybe close to the SLs, which they won’t cause that will damage SL sales, but jeez, do something, We need a good EVF, built in or external, All M lenses are MF, which I personally love and prefer thats why the reason for retina display EVFs will be most welcome. We have phones with such great screens floating from so many manufacturers that no body cares about…please implement that tech with EVFs! Also please give us a ‘Q’ like body with interchangeable lens. I am not super hyped about the TL2 AT ALL, just excited that Leica is doing something and moving forward, this is a slow count down for greater things to come.

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