The first Leica M10 limited edition is already released in collaboration with Brooks Brothers

The first Leica M10 limited edition camera is already released in collaboration with the US fashion brand Brooks Brothers. The set includes a silver M10, cuff buttons, bow tie and other accessories. The limited edition set will be sold only in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan for HK$ 66,000 (around US$8,500).

Here are a few unboxing pictures:

Via NPC Photo

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  • ZMWT

    I am so keen on those Brooks Brothers bow-ties and handkerchiefs …

  • rolandfleming

    Brooks Brothers? How incredibly downmarket. I suppose it’s just part of the logical progression when you’ve already done Hello Kitty and Lenny Kravitz. This side of Leica is so incredibly nauseating. Cameras are for taking pictures.

    • Jeff Bridges

      You realize these “special editions” help fund R&D for Leica with their extra profit margin.
      Let these people buy these editions so Leica can continue to grow and innovate their cameras.

      • Roboto

        I don’t believe this is the case. My guess is that these editions pad the profit margin but aren’t treated in the same way that the regular lines are. I could be wrong, but is it worth it, Leica? The brand is becoming a joke (the camera equivalent of watchmaker Audemars Piguet with their endless, idiotic limited editions), and I’ve been a Leica user for over 20 years.

        • Jeff Bridges

          Leica has been doing this since the M6 days.
          Nothing new with “special editions”.

          • Roboto

            Yep, nothing new. Leica’s been on this path forever. Doesn’t make it right. They should put the effort into fixing Leica NJ so it doesn’t take 6 months to align your rangefinder. I’ve been in that situation with them – multiple times…

          • This would be the real problem if things worked that way.

            But honestly, do you really think the M10’s shutter and rangefinder alignment people are being diverted to design a new finish for these special editions? I would think the people who are capable of doing each task would be totally different folks, in entirely different divisions of the company.

            So for better or worse, the special editions are not going to impact your shutter or rangefinder in any way.

            As others have noted, the special editions clearly delight collectors and there’s nothing wrong with keeping people happy.

            One of the good people at Leica Store Miami told me that most of her customers were collectors. She was stunned that I’d taken 8,000 pictures in the first month or so I had the camera … LOL.

            We need the collectors, then, because they help keep our favorite camera company in business …

        • Les

          As long as we are guessing, my guess is that this limited edition was ordered by the HK/China/Taiwan Brooks Bros. importer, and now it’s ready.

          It’s just a regular M10, maybe with some engraving, and a fancy box. I’ll bet you could have the same thing done to commemorate your local Boy Scout troop, if you have the money. No big deal.

          • Roboto

            Les you’re missing the point. Leica prioritizes this BS over fulfilling a ridiculous backlog on an already ridiculously priced body. Thank you sir may I have another.

          • Les

            What you don’t understand is that this limited series is part of the backlog that they are fulfilling. The cameras were ordered, now they are delivered. Do you really have a problem with that, or do you just like complaining?

          • Roboto

            Complaining is fun. What I’m really upset about, I guess, is that they pushed my Leica M10 Hello Kitty edition back behind this Brooks Brothers monstrosity. That really galls me.

        • Old Doc

          If you are a Leica user, you should be aware that these crazy limited editions were started right away with the first Leica in the 1920s. So it is part of Leica. Period.

      • rolandfleming

        Fair point. I hope you are right.

  • More Leica crap for the people with more money than photographic ability

    • Nathan Wright

      Oh for sure, every brand photographer OTE there that doesn’t use Leica is better at photographing things- as a course.

    • Floyd Summerhayes

      Same old boring crap comments

    • Wanderer23

      Yawn comment

  • Peter Patzak

    Leica, where are you going? This is extremely disappointing. This is washing out your identity, your heritage and your credibility.

    • Roboto

      This. Leica has simply lost its way. What serious photographer wants to be caught dead with what has clearly become a fashion item? I don’t, although I still dearly love my M2, M8, M9. But let’s say I ponied up $6,500 to wait in line to get my new M10 body and now Leica is going to put this idiotic Brooks Brothers edition in front of me? No f***ing* thank you.

      • Just for the record – this is nothing new and has been going on for years, not sure how this changes anything about Leica or the Leica M10. Some of the limited editions are actually cool even though I will never buy one. Note that this version was released only for Asia where things like that sell very well. Leica is just responding to the existing demand. They will not make any limited editions if there is no market for them. Most of the photographers would love to have a Leica and the major complain I hear is price, not their limited edition cameras. Just my opinion, you don’t have to agree with me.

        • Roboto

          I’m always happy to have a respectful difference of opinion, Peter! And you are right, this has been going on for decades. But it’s got to be a huge corporate distraction in some ways. I just wish Leica would get back to brass tacks and evolve the M into a state of the art professional tool camera (hybrid viewfinder, anyone?). I kind of think that the corporate imperatives now veer more towards fashion and collectibility and less toward photography. Just imho…

          • Wilson

            I believe Leica has very intentionally left the M10 with the original rangefinder function and feel as that is the appeal for many of their buyers. In their other camera lines introduced in the past 5 years they have actually been incredibly innovative with early utilization of the latest technologies. The SL, T2 and Q are their modern iterations made for very specific segments of the market, albeit they are still priced exorbitantly. If m mount lenses can easily be mounted on an SL I think that is the body to continue to push the modern tech and top of the line specs

          • Roboto

            Working professionals aren’t using the M, T2 or the Q (for the most part). The SL is used by a small handful of fashion photogs. Leica built its reputation – its entire company – on the work of the finest photojournalists and street photographers of the 20th century. Now it’s a fashion accessory for the wealthy *without* having a contingent of professionals informing development. This IMHO is really sad.

          • Les

            Sad… But also BS! (Remind you of anyone famous?)

            Roboto, you have no idea who uses these cameras, so why make stuff up?

          • Roboto

            Les, sorry my friend but you are deluded if you believe the working pro (even the wedding guys) are using Leicas. Just not the case. But go ahead and justify your fetish however you want, it’s a free country (still).

          • Charles Peterson

            You are wrong. on this. I’ve been using Leica M’s in a pro capacity for the last twenty five years, and with the M10 I can finally pretty much ditch the Nikon altogether. I know lots of Magnum photos that also use digital M’s. I know it’s fun to bash Leica but their cameras do work. I bought most of my lenses used back in the film days, my M9 is seriously brassed up, and I had no qualms about purchasing an M10 the first week it came out. The M240 I gave a total pass on.

          • Same here – I skipped the M 240 but the M10 was worth purchasing in my opinion. I sold my M9 a while back and then bought one again… I really don’t see what else they can improve in the M10 – the battery live maybe?

          • Roboto

            M9 imho a nearly perfect camera for me for low ISO shooting. If only it didn’t seize up so damn much. M10 looks terrific, have only played around with one since they can’t fulfill my order yet. My wish list comes down to one thing: hybrid viewfinder. Hey, it’s not that big a blasphemy —
            they’ve got live view on the back anyway right? If the purists could shoot optical and the rest of us could shoot either optical or EVF, that would be awesome. Then you could use any M lens to your heart’s content, even the hopelessly backfocusing prior Summilux series.

          • Roboto

            Charles, I said pros are not using Leica “for the most part.” I did not say that no pros are using Leica, or will never use Leica. There will always be a few pros (and old Magnum guys I guess) using Leica. But *for the most part* pros moved away from Leica long, long ago. Come on, you really want to argue this, compare data and so forth? As a pro, you know it to be true, right? Even Pete Souza, who initially brought a Leica M8.2 to the White House to great Leica fanfare, fairly quickly switched to Canon, mainly because it was quiet. To be clear, I love and shoot with Leica, and have for decades, film and digital. But the endless parade of mind-numbing special editions just leaves me cold. The main argument here, that this is a brilliant marketing strategy that underwrites development of cameras for “real” photographers, is possibly true. But who knows how well Leica could do if they actually focused all their energies on photographers instead of this crap? I’ll bring up the dreaded F word – Fuji – but I find it impossible to argue against what Fuji has done over the past few years with the X-System, both in development and catering to photographers. Back to Pete Souza, his *backup* camera is an X100 series — silent leaf shutter, reasonable autofocus. When the stakes are as high as they get basically, he chose Canon and Fuji.

          • Nice story.
            I’m a working professional and I’ve used the M8, M9 and M240 for my pro work. In fact, my M240 gets more “pro” use than my Hasselblad with Phase One back and I haven’t pulled out my Nikon kit in over a year.
            I know several other pros personally who also use Leicas, so I don’t know where you’re drawing your conclusions from but clearly they’re misguided.

          • Bo Dez

            There are lots of professionals using the M. I’m one of them.

          • Wanderer23

            Jealous much?

          • I think Leica plans to keep the M the way it is and develop the SL, TL and the S for their high tech products.

          • 3foot1

            I’m just a casual observer, but it seems to me this is shrewd marketing. A limited edition with the “classic” U.S. branding will only enhance the desirability of Leica for wealthy status-seeking run-of-the-mill buyers in Asia. If Leica is seen as the brand of choice for the “discriminating” collector, it will be regarded as especially desirable for someone who just wants to put a luxe-bauble around his or her neck when traveling. The latter group is massive (compared to the collectors niche) but that’s where the profit is made. And without a revenue stream derived partly from non-serious photographers, Leica will wither and die.

    • Uh, this IS their heritage. They’ve been doing this since the 80’s, nothing new here.

  • Gabriele Lopez

    nice papillon.

  • FountainHead

    Some people would buy a dog turd if it had a red dot on it.

    Oh well, if it holds down the price of the regular line even a penny, I can’t say I mind.

    • Roboto

      This is doubtful. I would guess that the extra margin on these editions will go to the bottom line, not to R&D.

      • Floyd Summerhayes

        Bottom line in most companies impacts how much money R&D and many other things spend the following year.

      • One in the same. The more profit they make, the more money can spend on R&D without their owners getting cranky. It’s called “Business”.

    • Jukeboxjohnnie

      Yes that’s me! Bring on the Leica faeces special editions

  • eric

    At least I got my m10 before the first limited edition release…glad this is a priority, lol

  • nemo295

    It’s nothing but a stock M10 body in a box with a few cheesy fashion accessories. Lens not included.

    The Chinese will no doubt think it’s the epitome of European class and go nuts for it.


      It’s more like corrupt Chinese officials needing to launder their money and rich people needing to bribe them with gifts. There’re a lot of nouveaux riches in China, but there’s much more knowing corruption.

  • They should probably fix all the issues with the M10s before making collabs. SMH.

    • FountainHead

      Different departments.
      Further, the chumps that buy these wouldn’t even know the issues exist.

  • 3foot1

    No lens?! Some vanity purchasers may be disappointed with their photos.

  • This is great marketing and reenforces existing customers and potential buyers how on track Leica is. Efforts well spent, why fix internal issues spend time and money not building a better mousetrap. This is proof the rangefinder business is dead, SLR to follow soon if not already on the horizon. Go L!

  • Peter Patzak

    My personal general view is that luckily the core of the Leica brand still seems intact. But on the periphery this unique company knowingly (?) starts eroding its soul and fascination. Just sad.

  • Peter Patzak

    I always thought and still very much believe:


  • If the options for keeping the company in the black are between ridiculous special editions and exploitively outsourcing labour to 3rd world countries, I’ll happy take the special editions (which I can ignore) over morally dubious business practices any day.

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