Leica TL2 videos

Here are some promo and hands-on video previews of the new Leica TL2 mirrorless camera:

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  • soundimageplus

    Have you found any sample TL2 4K video footage?

    • No, not yet.

      • soundimageplus

        Footage looks excellent to me and I can see the in camera stabilisation working nicely. Personally I never bother with those flat, dull so called ‘pro’ options. Like most video shooters I work to get it it right when I shoot it. Saves a lot of time later.

      • Les

        The first shot is a bit harsh, let’s hope there’s a way to tone-down the edge enhancement (aka “sharpness”) and contrast. The other two look good.

        No word yet on whether this camera can be used for serious, gradable, video. Is there an “L-Log” option like on the SL? What kind of quality do you get from the HDMI socket? It could be a good remote/gimbal/drone complement to the SL, but only if the image quality measures-up.

  • will this have a true silent Mode like the Dlux Typ 109? That is one of my absolute favorite features

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