Leica digest

→ The new Emil Busch Glaukar 3.1 portrait lens will be available also for Leica M mount (no rangefinder coupling).

Leica S1 at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

→ Check out the latest Leica Store Miami photo workshops.

→ Check out these Leica IIIf cameras.

→ Using Leica M lenses on Fuji GFX with Fotodiox adapter.

→ Tips on how to how to utilize classic Leica lenses on modern Leica cameras.

Artisan&Artist silk camera strap production process.

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  • I don’t understand expensive M lenses that lack rangefinder coupling. Yes, yes, yes, Sony users can enjoy them. But geez. Sucks.

    • I agree, even for Sony shooters, those lenses are available for Sony mount already, so why buy it with M mount and then use an adapter? I don’t get it. Some of those lenses are with low contrast and focus peaking could be a problem.

  • Paul

    Are there any pictures online from the S1?

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