New MS-Optics Historica Prot 40mm f/6.3 lens for Leica M-mount

Mr. Miyazaki has a new MS-Optics Historica Prot 40mm f/6.3 lens for Leica M-mount that is based on a historical lens design known as the Protaria lens formula. This lens has 4 elements in 2 groups and weights only 47 grams. The minimum focusing distance is 60cm. The price of the lens is around $700 and you can get one from Bay or Japan Camera Hunter.

Aditional pictures from the eBay listing:

Here are a few sample photos (more to come):


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  • FountainHead

    I find the Miyazaki lenses really interesting.
    Thanks for continuing the coverage as his output grows.

  • Heinz Richter

    There is a mix up in the names mentioned. There was no Rudolph Zeiss. It was Paul Rudolph, one of the early lens designers that worked at Zeiss. The company name is based on its founder Carl Zeiss. The most famous lens designed by Paul Rudolph was the Tessar.

  • ZMWT

    Wait a minute, on the spec sheet of this lens mentioned are other lenses in this History series;
    Pranar 3.7/50
    Petval 2/58
    Einoster 1.8/50

    Mr Miyazaki loves to swap letters sometimes, but there may be a wealth of planned future products.

  • Jay

    Who the hell uses a Leica for macro?

    • Why not? The latest Leica cameras have live view and most times for macro you don’t need AF. Leica makes a macro lens and a macro adapter which works pretty good.

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