The silver Leica TL2 camera is back in stock

After Leica released a fix for the Visioflex issue, the new TL2 mirrorless camera is back in stock at B&H (silver version only).

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  • Marc Medios

    I think it’s more of an ornament than a real camera

    • Les

      Funny, that’s what they said about the original Leica, nearly 100 years ago. Some things never change!

    • Floyd Summerhayes

      Like most I’ve not seen one or had a chance to use one to form an opinion, what makes it an ornament ?

    • ZMWT

      It’s a very real camera. It is easy to use, the output is magnificent. It is pity that the Japanese unsophisticated ‘philosophy’ of camera making, dominant today, had influenced people so badly.

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