Leica SL Typ 601 listed as “expired” and “no longer orderable” at Swedish retailer

The Leica SL Typ 601 mirrorless camera ($5,995) is listed as "expired" and "no longer orderable" at ScandinavianPhoto (authorized Leica dealer).

Update: the page was removed but you can still access it on Google cache.

In the US the price of the Leica SL recently dropped by $1,455.

In the next few months Leica is rumored to announce a new mirrorless camera with TL-mount and EVF. I have not heard any rumors about a new SL version.

Update: Leica SL Typ 601 camera is not even close to being discontinued.

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  • Mattias Burling

    You should check with one of Sweden’s two Leica dealers first. Scandinavian is more like B&H, a large chain. And this has happened before with other stuff. Just like on B&H.

    Im not saying its not true, I’m just saying double check with the two main Leica dealers.

    • I am just reporting a fact. It may not mean anything. It has been going on at last since last week. Checking other stores will not help because they may have one in stock and there is no reason to list it as discontinued.

      • Mattias Burling

        What I meant was that they would be able to answer if they can order more from Leica.
        Again, Im not disputing the story. It was just a thought since stories like this pop up from time to time and turns out it was nothing.

      • MdB

        I argued the same thing about something else being discontinued, you seemed to think it meant it wasn’t.

        • Yes, I have not heard any rumors about a new SL.

      • ok, the comment was deleted (not by me)


    I am hoping its a Full Frame body and it may be slim like the SL but not slim like the TL or TL2. I wonder how it will look, if it is going to like an SL, Leica would sure make the size a lot smaller. I think thats where they are headed. My fantasy about a Q like body with an M mount will have to wait a little longer 🙁

    • eric

      Yes, it would be interesting to see a full frame body like the Q with interchangeable lenses but then I wonder why did Leica not do that before instead of making the Q? My guess is Leica is a bit afraid of eating into their M line by offering a standard smaller full frame. The Q was a kind of compromise by offering a smaller camera but only one lens. The SL was also kind of a compromise by making something beyond the M-line. I would be very surprised to see Leica make a small full frame camera with m-lenses even though people will buy it in a heartbeat.

      • RONIT

        You are right, any company that there is does not want to eat thier other line of products. but Q with M mount will be kind of a different lineup since it will only have EVF and no OVF, I would totaly go for it, I think Leica will do it, just a matter of WHEN

      • Les

        One problem is that new Leica is initially compared to the M, so people complain that “what they really want is (…and then they describe the M…).”

        The SL is just now escaping that fog. Ironically, the A9 helped people understand the SL. They now see it for what it is (high-speed high-end mirrorless), not for what it isn’t (M with AF).

        Your description of “a small full frame camera with m-lenses” is a perfect example. They already make that camera: it’s the M!

        • eric

          Yes, I get your point. But I think what some people want is a Leica camera that’s the size of the Q with evf and autofocus capabilities that can switch out lenses. Basically an alternative to the manual M. Im not saying I want this. I prefer the rangefinder experience but there is a demand for something of similar size with auto and lens options. You’re right about the SL though, it’s now being seen more like a high end pro camera, and less like a bigger m.

  • John-F

    If the Leica SL is now (or about to become) discontinued, what will the next model be called? The SL2 ? That camera name is already taken by Canon …

    BTW, where are the PDF brochures for the new Leica TL2? There are none to be found on either the US or German Leica websites.

    • SL2 is already taken by Leica, as was the SL before it, decades ago.

  • Bo Dez

    Very intriguing! Imagine if the S and SL converged into one medium format mirrorless system.

    • Greg Turner

      Given that some people are reporting excellent coverage of Fuji’s GFX medium format sensor with many excellent FF lenses, this might not be such a crazy idea.

  • Steffen Skopp

    This morning I was very surprised to read on leicarumors.com about the discontinuation of my camera system.

    I hope this is only a typo from Scandinavia, if you have any more information – I would be interested to hear it first.

    Best regards from Wetzlar,

    Steffen Skopp
    Product Manager Leica SL-System

    • If that’s really you, Steffen, good work on the SL. The only thing I dislike about it are the hard edges, that when the camera is banging around on my back, hurt like a hundred baby fingers poking me.

      Otherwise, brilliant.

      • Steffen Skopp

        Thanks – glad you like it.

        • felipeignacioortega

          There will be replacement at some point in this life?

        • My favourite thing is the S-derived four-button quick controls. I’ve put it down to ISO, AF/MF, OIS, and WB.

          I’d love to be able to programme the upper right button to engage AF rather than depressing the joystick, whose non-flush fit makes it somewhat easy to accidentally move the AF target.

          Its ISO is great, bracketing stuff is great, and speed of operation is phenomenal.

        • Les

          Steffen, while we have your attention, any chance of implementing an ACES-compliant video workflow for the SL? It would help on projects that use multiple cameras.

          Other than that, keep-up the good work. My only complaint with the SL is that it doesn’t use the same battery as the S. It could do with a bit more autonomy.

    • Helge Drange

      I just checked, and the Leica SL is not found on the Norwegian Scandinavian Photo site (https://www.scandinavianphoto.no), so I guess the web page is being fixed/corrected/updated.

      • Eric

        A problem with translation? They do happen, although it is kind of hard to determine what exactly is going on from the “if you have more information” statement. I would think that the Product Manager could outright say that what the notice said is blatantly false, or at the very least inaccurate, as such linguistic nuances may not do anything for a consumer trying to decide the company’s commitment to the SL product line.

      • So they are an authorized Leica dealer and they no longer sell the SL?

        • Gunnar

          They are the same company as scandinavianphoto.se. They have taken down the SL product page since you posted this, so one can guess their statement was incorrect and someone in Wetzlar has asked them to correct it.

        • Stina

          Yes! But they still list the SL lenses. So, someone sends you a link to a web page that was not published (It wasn’t possible to find it from their web site). You publish a screen shot of the page, translated to english (by whom?). You don’t bother to check the information. There are several authorized Leica dealers in the Nordic countries and the SL is not discontinued on their web sites. Same goes för ALL Leica dealers world wide. Did you really believe that Leica Camera discontinued the SL and only told ONE dealer in Sweden? And why do you ask the question above? Don’t you have a web browser. Even if you don’t know any Nordic languages it’s not that difficult to navigate on a web site, click some check boxes and find out if this dealer is selling the SL or not!

          • Gunnar

            I mailed the link to Peter when I saw the statement on the scandinavianphoto website. I was surprised too, but thought that if a big and serious player like them say this, at least it is worth reporting. Cant see that it was in any way wrong of Peter to post it on Leicarumors.

          • Stina

            It’s not correct to publish anything without checking any facts, even if it’s very common these days. This wasn’t published as a “rumor”, but as a fact. And the post is written in a way that makes readers believe that this “discontiued status” has something to do with, or comes from Leica Camera. Did you contact Scandinavian Photo before sending the link to Leicarumors? Did anyone contact them? They are a very serious player, but far from the major “Leica player” in the Nordic countries. Also note that now there is a link to a cached web page. If Scandinavian Photo deleted the page, what’s the point of directing readers to a cached page?

          • eric

            Calm down man. This is a rumor site. Not the NYT editorial bureau. Posting information does nothing to the SL line. Dropping the price of SL said a lot more. That either they won’t continue with the line or a new one is on the way sometime.

          • exactly, thank you!

          • Gunnar

            Isn’t this the core problem of online discussions.. Things get blown out of proportion, people over react, and keeping a sensible tone of speech is not much cared for.

            Scandinavianphoto.se wrote something that I interpreted as if this product was discontinued, and then Peter posted it saying it was a fact that they wrote that, which is not the same as saying it is a fact that it is actually discontinued by Leica. Both scandinavian photos and Peters writing can be misunderstood, just like anything in the universe. Bottom line: Peter runs a rumor site, and the way i see it this is just the stuff we should expect him to report on.

            I did not mean to mislead anyone, I think Leica as a company and SL as a product are both fucking awesome. So, Leica, please just proceed with your thing, and internet people, please just chill.

          • plus I specifically mentioned in my post that I have no rumors about a new SL model

          • The point is to show you that this was a real page since in the comment you deleted you accused me of photoshopping the image in order to report “fake news”. Now, I don’t know what websites you are reading, but I don’t make up stuff in order to get clicks.

          • this is why I waited a while before I posted it online – a mistake is usually fixed in a day or two

          • The translation was done by Google – my browser does it automatically. I did talk to Leica today and the SL is NOT discontinued, I will do a separate post on that. I did not say that the Leica SL is discontinued – read my post again.

    • I was surprised too.

    • tthorne

      Steffen, since you stopped by, perhaps I could impose a thought you? I shoot on a pair of SLs which I love dearly as they give me piece of mind due to their performance and reliability in the field. However, another Leica product that I love dearly is my R8 & R9. If somehow a future SL could be stuffed into an R9 type body, it would not only be functionally superior as it is right now, but it would also be the sexiest and most ergonomic camera out there.

      All my best.

  • Stina

    The screen shot in this post shows a web page I have never seen. That’s not the current design of http://scandinavianphoto.se. Yes, they don’t list the SL anymore, but that’s their choise. This post by Admin looks like “fake news” and I’m very dissapointed with Leicarumors.

  • ZMWT

    “Product Expired” and “Orderable” .. ? Oh mamma mia, my dear Fernando! This is worse than the miscommunication at the Waterloo, when the Super Troopers were Taking it All, in the Voulez-vous style. I would not rely on the Swedish use of English language to communicate anything but songs by ABBA.

  • Gary Craggs

    “Expired”? Gone to meet its maker, stiff, bereft of life, kicked the bucket, shuffled off this morral coil?

    • 3foot1

      Pining for the fijords.

  • eric

    Im not sure venturing into medium format is the way to go, although it does get a lot of attention these days. I would like to see more cameras made that are fun to use and improve people’s photography skills rather than just focus on betters specs and tech wizardry. The Q and the M10 have both been successes in that regard. Hopefully leica continues down that road of making cameras that are a joy to use.

    • Nathan Wright

      Leica are the first sompany to truly simplify the medium format body. And, today, the same remains true. The Hasselblad isn’t quite as easy to use as is the S but it clips at its heals.

  • Joakim Danielson

    This website doesn’t have an English version so this must’ve been google translated or something. When I read the Swedish version it is very clear that it is them who has stopped selling the SL and nothing else, they still sell other Leica cameras though.

    • yes, I used Google translation

    • Gunnar

      I disagree that their text makes it “very clear” that what they mean is that tehy only stopped selling it. Yes, it can be read out that way, but the choice of words and the red lettering can also easily mean the product is discontinued. Anyway, no need to argue more about it. Mr Skopps comment should mean the SL lives on for a while 🙂

    • the page was translated by Google – my browser does it automatically

  • To @Stina2017:disqus who blamed me that I photoshopped the page and then deleted his comment – see the cached version of the page here:


  • Espen Harward

    I have also been in contact with Scandinavian Photo today and I can confirm that the message on their website was caused by a human mistake in their web publication tool.

    I hope this will clarify this issue!

    Best regards,

    Espen Harward
    Area Sales Manager Professional – Nordics
    Leica Camera AG

  • Seems to me that mirrorless camera using the TL mount we were discussing before could be a new SL. Might actually be more likely than it being a variant of the TL2 line.

  • Mistral75

    This thread has had the honour of two Leica people registering on Disqus to answer it: Steffen Skopp and Espen Harward.

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