The rumored new Leica mirrorless camera with EVF and code name “Clooney” could be called “Leica CL”

Leica mirrorless camera mockup (not the new CL)

The already rumored new Leica mirrorless L-mount camera with EVF and code name "CLooney" could actually be called "Leica CL".

I still expect the official announcement before the end of the year. The new model will be made in Germany and was already registered with the Indonesian telecommunication agency under the code name 7323. The camera is rumored to have the same 24MP ASP-C sensor from the TL2.

Leica is also rumored to announce new L-mount lenses and adapters, but this will probably happen on a later date.

Leica already had a film camera with the same "CL" model name back in the 70's.

For a full list of all upcoming/rumored Leica cameras and lenses click here.

Leica likes to play with the code names of unannounced products... the internal code "London" for the new Leica Thambar 90mm f/2.2 lens (more info here) is probably linked to the river Thames.

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  • Erica Middel

    Wouldn’t that be great, I have a analog CL. Getting a digital version would be great.

    • It will just mess up all future “Leica CL” internet search results 🙂

      • Oh and let’s not forget the Leicaflex SL… 😀

      • Licheus

        I despise the digital Pen F in that regard.

        • yes, that one too

          • David Lingle

            Same thing with the Leica SL

  • Not a smaller APS-C M mount camera huh?

    Imagine getting everyone into the M eco-system with a less pricey camera and then they realise they want a fast 35mm equivalent lens and the 24mm Lux is the only game in town – they go “fuck it” and upgrade to a full frame M in order to use the 35mm Cron the way it’s intended, and all of a sudden they miss the 50mm equivalent focal length and buy the 50mm Cron.

    • Using this supposed new camera with an L-Adapter-M accomplishes essentially the same idea…I’m hoping to use it as a backup/ancillary body to my M/Q combo

      • With a native L-mount, it gives the consumer an option to go for either a native electronically controlled TL lens and an old school all manual M lens. But with a native M-mount, there’s only one way to go…
        Nonetheless this is probably going to be a camera that aims at luring the younger non-leica shooters I guess?

  • TomV

    An APS-C sized “CL” seems wrong to me. (unless it comes with an L to M “speedbooster”)

  • eric

    still happy with M10 if you can believe that…the M has cured me of g.a.s. for the time being. I’d rather see Leica develop a really great small pocket camera that could compete against smartphones. I would pay triple for that.


    I want a FF CL body!

  • ZMWT

    I think marketing in camera companies should be screened for LSD more often. What is CL now? AEL, AFL, TL and SL are not enough? Where are long promised SL/TL lenses?

  • Brennan McKissick

    This would be cool. I’d love to see it with an M mount but I guess if it’s L mount you can just use an adapter anyways so that’s fine. I’d be really interested in this instead of my X Pro-2. Maybe.

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